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Right Wing Watch is reporting that after the recent defeat of Herschel Walker by Rafael Warnock in Georgia, Mississippi MAGA pastor Shane Vaughn is outraged that rural MAGA Republicans are being outvoted by folks in large urban areas who tend to vote “Blue.” So, he is now demanding that states abandon the 17th Amendment and abolish direct, popular voting for US Senators, replacing that with a “statewide Electoral College-like system.” Pastor Vaughn says this is desperately needed because "We cannot defeat the ‘population centers’ without the Electoral College.”

Yes pastor, because nothing says “justice and freedom,” quite like taking away people’s right to vote! That said, I do understand the point the good pastor is trying to make here. First and foremost, he believes “its a damn shame that states have to have big cities in them.” I mean, how dare these Libtards push the idea that people who live in urban areas also deserve a say in how they’re governed! I mean, who came up with an idea like that?

Of course, this whole issue of moving away from direct elections to a statewide electoral college vote, surfaced when the pastor and his Republican pals looked at the results of Georgia’s 2022 election for US Senator and realized that most of the geographical areas in the state voted red, while only the large urban areas like Atlanta, which have many more people, went blue. “Damn you democracy!”

This outraged rural Trumpistan, who believe cities are totally infested with the “enemy.” Put another way - most minorities tend to live in cities. So, Republicans decided its “geography” that should decide elections, not voters! Really, because last time I checked, land didn’t seem nearly as interested in voting - as people do. Hell, why not just give farm animals a 3/5 vote also? I’m sure they’d vote at least as intelligently as rural Georgia does. Looking at you Marjorie Taylor Green!

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to realize why Republicans hate “statewide” senatorial, gubernatorial, and presidential elections - there’s nothing for them to gerrymander. And THAT is where the pastor’s “electoral college” voting scheme comes in. OK, but then why bother with elections at all? Why not just have MAGA church pastors select US Senators for us? I mean, if you can’t trust a filthy rich televangelist who flies around in a Gulfstream jet, who can you trust?

Gee, wonder what’s next on the Republican agenda? Only land-owning, white men can vote? Hey, here’s an idea. I know a way you folks can actually legitimately win elections. I know this is gonna sound really “out there,” but how about offering voters something that would actually benefit them and their families, instead of simply fostering hate, suspicion, and more tax cuts for the rich? Just a thought. Of course, the rubes won’t keep sending you shitloads of cash, if you don’t continue to scare the hell out of them with all the imaginary threats you’ve concocted, but we all know televangelists have no interest in those “pleasures of the flesh,” don’t we? Its about saving souls.

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