Source: Trump Cards Website
Earlier this week, Donald Trump hyped a "major announcement” he was about to make, which QAnon adherents interpreted as Trump announcing he was going to declare himself a candidate for Speaker of the House. Instead, his “major announcement” turned out to be nothing more than a commercial for “digital trading cards,” also known as “Trump Cards” he plans to sell. The former president, who has already announced he will run again for re-election in 2024, promoted his $99 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a superhero-style video, that claimed buyers will also be entered into a sweepstakes to win prizes that will include things such as dinner, golf, and Zoom calls with Trump.

Gee, and to think I just assumed Trump’s “major announcement” was gonna be Donald finally admitting that Eric is actually Gary Busey’s son and not his. Now, I’ve never been a big NFT fan, but I’ll tell ya what, if they throw in a couple of Mike Lindell’s MyPillows into the mix, I’m there!

Not surprisingly, Trump was quick to point out that these “Trump Cards” (aka Traitor Cards) would make a fabulous Christmas gift. Of course, what he really means is - he’s hopeful these Trump Cards turn out to be his greatest “Christmas Grift.” Well, thanks, but no thanks, Donald. I think I’ll just stick to giving “Fruit Cakes.”

My question is, does his drooling MAGA cult even have a clue as to what an NFT actually is? Not that it really matters. I mean, these are folks who’ve drunk so much Kool-Aid, that they’ll happily blow their hard-earned money on worthless junk like this, and the next thing you know - you’ll see them out and about somewhere, complaining about inflation, high gas prices, the price of food, and the high cost of living under the Biden Administration. And these people “vote” too.

Anyway, Trump said people who buy enough of his cards, will also be eligible to win a dinner with him. Gee, wonder if the dinner will include Kanye West and Nick Fuentes? Asking for a friend. So, what comes next, Trump penile enhancement supplements or weather-predicting sharpies? Sure sounds like Trump must be strapped for cash. My guess is those mean defense lawyers of his, must be insisting he pay his legal fees “up-front.” I tell ya, life can be so unfair.

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