Source: Wikimedia Commons
The Republican Accountability Project has obtained a video of former Arizona television personality, Trump sycophant, and failed 2022 Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake making what has been described as an extremely dangerous, inflammatory speech at Mar-a-Lago this past week. In the video, Lake claims the gubernatorial election has been stolen from her and the people of Arizona, warning that the “bastards” who stole the election have “messed with the wrong bitch.”

Yeah, they stole the entire election - by getting more votes than she got! Isn’t that just like those pesky Democrats? Now, in her speech, Lake tried to justify her claim the election was stolen, by pointing out that "We just had such a huge movement going.” Well, if she’s talking about a “bowel movement,” then I fully agree, because almost everything about her campaign, did remind me of a big pile of shit.

Anyway, she’s now threatening Arizona election officials, claiming they’ve “Messed with the wrong bitch!” Wow, if you ask me, she should have used that as her “campaign slogan.” I mean, “Kerri Lake, the Wrong Bitch for Arizona,” really has a ring to it! So, Lake lost her election, and has now made the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago - a place where losers go to whine. Time to cue up the GOP rendition of that old Cher song, “Grifters, Trumps, and Thieves.”

Incidentally, her resume also claims she was once a “Township Rodeo Queen.” Hmmm, perhaps that explains why she’s so “full of bull.” Meanwhile, some political analysts have been expressing concern that Lake’s speech was so inflammatory, it could incite some of her more "lunatic followers” to commit violence. Seriously? Because that raises another question, does Kari Lake actually have followers, who aren’t “lunatics?”

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