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After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with President Biden at the White House, followed by an English-language speech during a joint session of Congress, MAGA Republicans have gone ballistic over Zelensky getting such a warm reception from Democrats. Leading that charge are folks like Tucker Carlson, Don Jr., and Lauren Boebert, all of whom found it especially offensive when Vice President Kamala Harris and outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood behind Zelenskyy while holding up a Ukrainian flag in solidarity with his country. Don Jr. tweeted that “Zelenskyy is basically an ungrateful international welfare queen,” while Boebert complained all the money we send to Ukraine goes missing. Tucker Carlson called Zelenskyy a “Ukrainian strip club manager,” describing the Zelenskyy visit this way - “It may be impossible to imagine a more humiliating scenario for the greatest country on Earth.“

Yes, and Tucker, while we’re on the subject of “humiliating scenarios for the greatest country on Earth,” let’s not forget that twice impeached former president and his wife - hawking worthless digital trading cards (NFTs), with the former president’s cards displaying his bloated face, photoshopped onto the bodies of stolen images of superhero characters. Or, how about Don Jr., a guy who’s lived his entire life off his father’s fame and fortune, calling a nation fighting for its very existence against a massive superpower, an “international welfare queen?” Now, isn’t that just precious?

Of course, there were more than a few Republican lawmakers who chose not to attend President Zelenskyy’s speech to Congress. That said, I fully understand why they didn’t attend the speech. They just had a minor scheduling conflict. You can’t expect them to miss that fundraiser being held for them over at the Russian Embassy, now can you? Now, as far as Zelenskyy being a “Ukrainian strip club manager,” that may be harder to refute, because if anyone knows what a “strip club manager” really looks like - it’d be Tucker Carlson.

The fact is, Trump supporters hate Zelenskyy because Zelenskyy refused to let Trump blackmail him in exchange for US aid, refusing Trump’s demand that he open up a phony public investigation of Hunter Biden. You see, Republicans would love for you to believe they are still that “Party of Lincoln,” but that hasn’t been the case for well over 60 years. The truth is that these days, all these do-nothing, whiny congressional Republicans really are - are “Party Poopers.”

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