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In a new video, former President Donald Trump lashed out at the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots, first describing claims that he lunged at a Secret Service agent in his presidential limo in an attempt to try to force the agent to drive him to the Capitol, as ridiculous. He then implied that the Jan. 6th riots were actually a provocation by federal informants, followed by more election denying, then attacking Special Counsel Jack Smith and his family for being “Trump haters,” before finally accusing Jan. 6th Committee members of being "Marxists."

Wow, Liz Chaney’s a Marxist? Who knew? Well, come to think of it, she is from Wyoming, and we all know what a hotbed of Marxism that place is! I mean, when anyone thinks of some of the “great Marxist thinkers” of our time, Liz Cheney and her family almost always come to mind. Gee, I wondered why when she was reading her summation of the Jan. 6th Committee’s work - that she kept bringing up “the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.”

Of course, its pretty obvious Trump doesn’t have the slightest idea what being a “Marxist” means. As far as he’s concerned, its probably someone who follows “the teachings of Groucho.” Why those Groucho Marxists even have their own secret code. You remember it, don’t you? “Say the secret word, and win $100.” Hell, I seriously doubt if Trump could even tell the difference between Harpo and Groucho Marx, let alone Karl. Although, I’m pretty darn sure Hershel Walker could.

Frankly, after watching this video, I find it hard to differentiate between anything Trump just said and the rantings of a madman on some New York City subway platform. The thing is, even if Trump was correct about Special Counsel Jack Smith and all his family and friends being “Trump haters,” they’re gonna have to get in line, because at this point in time - just about anyone with a working brain, is pretty much a “Trump hater.”

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