Source: Trump Campaign
It seems Donald Trump and his merry band of grifters have been working overtime, tirelessly trying to cash in on the former President’s indictment. First, by having sycophants like Lindsey Graham and Rudy Giuliani hit the airwaves and beg MAGA followers to “Please send Donald Trump money!” Now, after his arrest on 34 felony counts, the Trump money machine is now offering “Not Guilty T-Shirts” to those who make a $47 donation or more. The tees sport an idyllic photoshopped mugshot pic of the former President. Meanwhile, MAGA luminaries such as George Santos and Marjorie Taylor Greene showed up at the Manhattan Supreme Court to protest Trump’s arraignment, with Greene comparing Trump to Nelson Mandela and Jesus.

Soooo, it sounds like yet another grift is up and running. Soon, we’ll have MAGA half-wits sending in all their beer, cigarette, and lotto money to this “billionaire.” My, my, its Christmas in April. Now, as far as the Jesus comparison goes, I don’t seem to recall Jesus ever telling his Disciples, “Now, go out and rough up protesters” and that He would “pay all their legal fees,” but what’ll I know? I mean, where’s it read, “I bid thee, go forth and fuck up those damn Scribes and Pharisees.” And, who knew that “The Passion of Christ” was all about nailing pornstars?

The funny thing is, the folks showing up for these Trump rallies are some of the same folks who are really pissed about kids getting “participation trophies,” and yet they continue worshipping a dude who finished “second” in a friggin’ two-person political race. Hell, I even read they’re claiming Trump is 6’5.” Oh, hell yes! Sure he is - if he’s standing on a pile of his indictments or on top of one of those boxes of classified documents he’s been hiding.

You know, Trump supporters love to claim he’s has accomplished more than any other President, and I have to admit they may be right. After all, 34 felonies is one helluva lot of accomplishments, and it sure looks like there’ll be even more of these “accomplishments” coming down the pipe soon. Why this has poor Fox News hosts popping Xanax like breath mints. In all fairness, Trump did work hard to deregulate big corporations whilw he was president. You know, like railroads and banking. How’d that turn out? Perhaps we should ask residents of East Palestine, Ohio, or investors in Silicon Valley Bank for that answer.

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