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So, it seems Donald Trump isn't the only Republican candidate for president who spent Memorial Day vowing to crush his political enemies. While appearing on Fox and Friends, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked, “Why is right now the time for Ron DeSantis to run for President?” The Florida Governor responded by saying, “Because I will serve two terms, and I will destroy leftism in this country.”

Wait - the hateful little bigot who is currently getting his ass kicked by Mickey Mouse said what? Now, whoa there, Miami Mussolini! Is it just me, or does this resentful little prick have about as much broad appeal as a bowl of rotten fruit? He should remember the rest of the country isn’t fucking Florida. You see, unlike Ponce de Leon, Ron DeSantis isn’t interested in finding Florida’s “Fountain of Youth.” Instead, he headed straight for the “Fountain of Hate,” and has hopes to bathe the rest of the country in its nasty waters.

I mean, what’s so concerning about a national presidential candidate basically declaring if he’s elected, he will “exterminate” the opposition? Hell, what’s he going to do, round us all up?” Don’t answer that! Why can’t the guy be satisfied with boycotting Bud Light or banning rainbows in Florida? Of course, in the interest of fair play, I’m sure our Republican friends would have no problem whatsoever if Joe Biden were to declare that after he wins the next election, his goal will be "destroy conservatism.”

Now some may ask, what’s the main difference between DeSantis and Trump? Well, the difference is it took Trump decades to become the asshole he is today, but DeSantis took a crash course. DeSantis is a guy so bitter and hateful that when he looks in the mirror - even his own reflection hates him. I mean, nothing says “I will heal this fractured nation” quite like “I’m gonna destroy all of you liberal fuckers.” Hell, Biden recently said, “There's no place for anti-Semitism in America,” and Lauren Boebert called that “an attack against conservatives."

So, perhaps GOP voters might wanna “think twice” before voting to “destroy leftism in this country” - because that would mean ending social security, medicare, decent wages, women’s rights, the five-day work week, the eight-hour day, child labor laws, any shot at affordable healthcare, environmental protections, and a host of other benefits Americans have come to rely on. All of which are “leftist” programs. Unfortunately, “thinking twice” has never been a top Republican voter priority.

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