Ive... well... fuck
... fuck
Im not upset that Im having a daughter (even though we wanted a boy)
I just can't help but think of how Imma afford her
Bad enough Im struggling with my current job (Struggling is a understatement)
She gonna want make up, jewels, anything cute
(and watch everything be fucking cute)
Bra's gonna be expensive. Purses gonna be expensive. I've heard of the PINK TAX and it is very real.
When I first found out (which was this week) I thought to myself
She not having multiple types of soap and hair products
She gonna have a bar of soap and maybe a regualr saloon visit
(shit Ill do her hair myself)
Fuck buying bras, she gonna have a bandage roll to wrap herself with
And she gonna have pockets on everything she wear!!!!
Imma just buy all her clothes from the boy section fuck it
(She also not allowed to have her period until she move out my house)

... Im finally having a kid.
And of course it's a girl. Ya know I wanted a girl but I wanted to have a boy first ya know. Like I wanted to have my son be there protecting my daughter when there are times when I can't. That was my plan
But now... Now that's not the plan anymore. (New Plan?)
Now she gonna have to be raise to learn how to protect herself and take care of herself. I refuse to rasie a spoil brat. Be it girl or boy.
I just had so many ideas on how to rasie a son.
No idea how I, a black father, gonna rasie my daughter, a black girl soon to be a black woman.
I am still beyond the simple words to express my happiness and joy for a daughter. I cant wait to watch her grow up.
Well, at least I won't be alone in rasing her.
Growing up I barely had my mother, she was stretch so thin when she was rasing me.
When my daughter is born, she gonna have her father, mother, aunty, grandfather, 2 grandmothers, 3 great grandparents, 5 Uncles and that's just my blood relatives I know personally.
Didnt even count her god father, god mother, theater uncles and the other many friends I have that are excited to see this little flower of mine.
I wanna name her Esmeralda, however her mother doesnt like the name at all (If I cant name her that Im calling her LARRY)

Wanna know what's funny? (what?)
In my comic book, which I've wrote a lot in lately, the main character (who is basically me) has a daughter later down in the story. In Arc 5.
I never gave her a name though. Weird right? Gave my MC a child in the future where she is a girl and now in real life I am having a girl...
I feel lucky and fuck at the same damn time. (GGs my guy)