A true life story about a abuser that the police want to keep quiet about Arthur Graham Stephens

By Andrew Ash

A.G.Stephens was born in Wrexham on 1st Oct 1928

He spent the first 50 years of his life, living in and around Wrexham and he was one of two boys and had a younger sister

his father was a miner and worked in the Welsh mining pits

and was a great drinker and would come home and start to beat up his kid boys and then he would start on their younger sister

Graham told me that him and his brother would try to stick up for their younger sister and attempt to protect her from the abuse of their father that eventually caused a split up between his mother and father

in a bizarre twist after that Graham never really mentioned is mum

but he did tell me that is sister was living with his mum when she left leaving him and his brother with their dad to defend for themselves at this time his older brother started work with his father in the coal mines and Graham himself were still a schoolboy

but was told by his father that he would after leave school at 15

so that he could start work in the coal mines to bring money in and to put money on to the table

Graham’s 15th birthday shock

around the time of Graham’s 15th birthday Graham’s life would never be the same again when at round 9 o’clock a almighty bang was heard all around the village and he saw black smoke coming out of the mine shaft that is holder brother and his father were still working in

I recall him telling me how he ran as fast as he could to the coal front to see what had happened and to see if his brother and father was still alive all dead he got there to find out that both of them were still trapped and buried somewhere underground and no one knew if they was dead or still alive around 12 o’clock lunchtime people began to be pulled out and around 12:30 his father was pulled out but luckily not to injured just a few broken bones

three days later his older brother was bought out he had been buried and was found and announced dead by crushing of stones

Graham had spent the entire three days and nights waiting for his holder brother at the coal mines top he would not leave their with out him they allowed Graham to go with him in the vehicle that carried his dead body to the morgue and he would never tell me anything about it over again

Graham started his job in the coal mine

there isn’t much I know about to what happened to Graham at first when he started in the coal mine but I do know that it is here that he started to abuse his first boy that he always referred to as is first boyfriend that was only a little boy aged 10 and this boy lived in the village where he lived he’d picked him up at the miners club

whether there used to do boys nights once a month and I know that him and this boy had a relationship for three years that was sexual and that he eventually got caught but no charges were bought towards him this boy was then put into a children’s home in Wales

where the boy who had previously been fully in a relationship with Graham then got back with Graham and their sexual relationship started again but things did start to go out of control as now Graham had this boy to work for him he was now bringing over other little boys from the children’s home to him so that they could be groomed for sex and used for pleasure

in fact the little boy that was Graham boyfriend was now starting to show signs and be a abuser himself he was now a young boy rapist

that would rape other little boys in the children’s home and then take them to Graham for him to have a go at it wasn’t long before Graham had come up with an idea that could make extra money for the young boy and the other little boys in his children’s home and Graham had the perfect guys hole lined up for them Graham never told me how he got to know these guys all how they met one of them guys would later on become a famous name Graham was still working in coal mines at this time and sometimes had been sent to over coal mines for a couple of weeks all days in different parts of the country coal mines used to be all over the UK back then and

Stephens worked as a coal miner up until 1974, when he quit on health grounds.

He started offending against young boys in the early 50’s and had numerous convictions thru to the seventies

Graham was also in the Lost in Care” Inquiry, that he was convicted in 1977 and in 1980 for CSA and child pornography.

he was a major player in the North Wales care homes abuse ring, described as a dangerous and prolific paedophile.

It was in prison in the early 1970’s that he met and

befreinded Sidney Cooke.

And it is through Graham I got to know Sidney Cooke

and he eventually left me for dead if it hadn’t been for Graham saving my life with a kiss of life

It was also alledged in the Inquiry that he took one of the boys from a care home to Copenhagen, were his sister lived.

This was the boy that he called his first boyfriend because Graham in fact told me of this story and it was well put in his secret diaries that most paedophiles like to keep and brag about and he would always lead these stories out round to me all the time especially the stuff he used to get up to with Sidney Cooke and the time when the prison put a really young inmate in with them that the both raped and tortured

this inmate was found hanging after he took his own life because of the crime that had just being committed on him

Sidney Cooke and Graham was never charged for this as it was just recorded a suicide at the time and Graham found it hilarious

didn’t like him really telling me that story because if he told me a story he usually wanted to re-and play it out again but on me

this is something he did with all his special projects and I was one of this project yes I was one of his special boyfriends and boy he shown new how to show a lot of love to a little boy like my self when we first met

something no other man had ever shown me all probably ever will

like feeling pain and love all rolled up in one after a while pain can soon become nice and pleasurable you can only be scared of the unknown and of what you don’t know some how you become unattached to your body

and then there are fully in control of your body and mind and you don’t mind you just have to do what they want because you don’t have your own mind know more it is like a identity that comes into you and you cannot fight it it is like the Antichrist and you know just to let them finish doing the things they want with you and afterwards you feel drained like a dead battery that needs to be put on charge but after a while actually

you feel

freshened and have more energy than anything you could ever imagine

but Graham always did refer to young boys as the unforgivable fruit of purity

Whatever crap that means

At his trial in 1980, evidence was given that he kept detailed notebooks and diaries of everything. He also had hundreds of photos of CSA offences with young boys.

These were said to include many of the local good and the great, including Judge Lord Tom Kenyon and Chief Superintendant Gorden Anglesea (recently arrested over historic abuse claims)

Interestingly according to the Inquiry, Gwynned police could not supply these photos or docs as they had been “lost”!

He was closely associated with the Lift Project, which provided housing for boys leaving care, but were little more than brothels and where many of the photos were taken.

It is also alledged he organised the sex parties at the Crest Hotel and supplied boys to parties in London.

he was released and went to live in Bradford at Flat

1, 16 St Pauls Rd Bradford, where the electoral rolls confirm he was living until 1997.

It is at this address that I first got to know Graham it was through a other abuser that decided to past me on to Graham as Graham was to become my keeper and his house would be my safe house and there was other boys that came and went from this safe house

Reported statement from Chris Fay that came to visit me at this address

It was at this address that I met him with Andrew. These ties in with Graham being convicted in 1997 and sentenced to 5 years for CSA offences against boys. Indeed the Lost in Care Inquiry says they interviewed him as a “serving prisoner”.

As to the reports of his death, being found after many weeks. We can now sort out the confusion. The electoral roll shows that a Harry Wilkinson was living at that address in 98. The coroner’s office confirms a death certificate was issued in Nov 98. There was NO police inquiry and no Inquest as a post-mortem showed he had died from natural causes.

With ref to the diaries, notebooks and photos that were said to have been seized by West Yorks police. I belive this refers to the raid on Stephens and his arrest the previous year. Anyway, according to Andrew, Fernbridge have told him that all the records had been “lost”. It seems its not just the Met that is very careless with files then!!

On his release from prison in 2001, Stephens went to live at 24 Brownley Str, Bradford where he shared a house with 3 other men, Mark S C, Mark J B and John B T. According to the electoral rolls he lived there until 2008. He died in the Bradford Royal Infirmary on the 30th Nov 2008 of natural causes. His death certificate was signed by a hospital doctor.

It was quite clear from NAYPICs investigations back in 1990 and from what Andrew has told us recently, that Stephens was a major player too in west yorkshire. Organising the abuse of boys from a number of care homes in the Bradford area. He supplied boys to Sidney Cooke and for parties in London. He was also involved in the trafficking of boys. We can tie him into that as he was a close freind of George Chapman, a senior driver for Dewhursts Coaches as well as Michael George Walker the Amsterdam rep for Dewhursts. We have documented evidence he was a tenant of Russell H Tricker and his business partner in Toffs Travel Consultants.

We have tied him into the organised abuse of children in care in North Wales and Cheshire and in Yorkshire. I have no doubt that he was a major player in an organised abuse ring that stretched across the country from the 1970’s to the 90’s, including providing boys for abuse videos and snuff movies. I can confirm he was a copious keeper of notes and have no doubt he kept a record of every boy he had abused, sold and who he sold them to! I am not surprised various police forces “lost” them, given some of the big names involved.I regret having handed over Stephens creepy letters he sent to NAYPIC, as I have no doubt Fernbridge has probably now “lost” them!!


chris fay

This is the email that was sent to me to confirm that what I was saying was true and in fact in 1990 was also true

Hi guys

Re what Andrew told us about parties in London and the involvement of Stephens in supplying boys. You will have seen the stuff I sent last night about Stephens involvement in the North Wales care homes abuse in the seventies.

I can now tie him in to Lord McAlpine, Dereck Laud, David Steele and others at parties in London. Attached copies of Scallywag magazine

which outline the abuse of kids at these parties in Dolphin Square. You will see a reference to a guy who provided boys and a ref to him “taking a boy to Copenhagen”. This IS Arthur Graham Stephens (AG), this is quote from the official Inquiry report “Lost in Care”:

The witness alleged also that he was abused separately by Stephens, who

may not have known Cooke then. Stephens took the witness to Denmark in December 1972 and the

latter’s mother, with two daughters went to live with Stephens, who started to have sex with him

when he was living in Bersham Hall. In his view both Cooke and Stephens took advantage of him

when he was in need of friendship but he did not allege that they introduced him to other

paedophiles. (para 52.28)

It is clear that Stephens was part of both the Wrexham and Bradford paedophile rings exploiting kids in care throughout the seventies, eighties and ninetys.

Hope this all makes sense.


chris fay.

By Andrew Ash
A victim of sexual abuse

Disclaimer at no point in this story did I name living people names which were supplied by Chris Fay and are in the public domain all have been convicted of child abuse all materials that are being used are used under
Fair use rules