They pull the trigger of your gun.,
now the lights go out.,
for another one.

Life is cheap.,
where they come from.,
no they don't cry.,
no they don't run.

But thats ok.,
as you look away.,
its not your fight.,
they fight today.

But it never is.,
and it never will.,
be your blood.,
they choose to spill.

Be it chambers or the edge.,
thats not the danger.,
you need to hedge.

As long as its THEM.,
not YOU or I.,
its always the TRUTH..,
we choose to deny.

The strongest chain.,
fails by its weakest link.,
and as they fall.,
you nod & wink.

No rain shall fall.,
on your parade.,
their lives not worth.,
the price they paid.

Colors change.,
from white to black.,
now its your turn.,
they do attack.!.

And as you cry out.,
in despair.,
with your last breath.,
you do declare.,

Was my gun.,
i do agree.!,
but i'm not the TRIGGER.!,
thats YOU not me.!,.

And thats the way it always ends.,
time & time.,
again & again.,.

Will it change.?"
will it ever end.?,j
thats all left up to you my friend.

All i know is what i see.,
every life is precious to me.,
If i'm wrong.,
let me fade away.,
i'd rather DIE.,
than live this way.

So now you wonder.,
ponder & think.,
what should i do.?,
what will they think.?.

But the battle is lost.,
before you blink.,
the most important thing.!,

THEY don't pay your bills.!,
YOU do..!,
STAND for something.,
or FALL for nothing.!,
for in the end.,