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Every step took time, every word fills my mind. Who am I, who am I supposed to be. Which path am I supposed to take and where will the journey lead. Going back is where the sun won't be able to shine, going forward is like walking to try to find the light. Standing still is where things remain the same but keep moving is where things will start to change.

Graffiti cover the dusky walls , ceiling dripping from the rain , a home not yet loved only by the rodents hidden beneath the broken draws . I hide in the corner silent without a sound. Huddled like the screwed up newspaper listening to the howls by the hounds.

Early morning shadows surround as I walk, hushed voices gather as those around me talk, pockets bare and stomach rumbling , it's time to start rummaging.

Still more miles to go I keep jogging on, not knowing where my home will be when I arrive, I aim towards the ocean hoping one day I can see the tide.

The past is now far behind, I no longer feel like I'm running all the time, footsteps behind me is no longer my fear, I no longer walk until the moon light appear , I no longer feel so alone , I feel closer than ever to finding a home.

Warmth and a roof that doesn't leak , a place that is my own to sleep, food that isn't found in a bin, feeling happy and safe within . Huddled under a duvet with a book in my hand ,feeling grateful for my home I found. You never know where a journey would lead you just want to succeed.

About this poem.
I know this isn't written how poetry is supposed be but I didn't even intend on writing this , I just started to write and see what I ended up with . this is fiction but it also tells a story about the reality of people who do go through this. I don't know what they are going through as I haven't been in that situation.