I try not to hate, but here it applies.
The term "my bad" is "no apology" in disguise.
It seems most avoid saying sorry as that would imply
an apology, and regret, wherein a mistake does lie.
But these days there's an unhealthy need for stroking, a prize for tenth place;
no negativity for sensitive egos to face.
Too much positive reinforcement can turn out to not be a friend.
It often becomes the wrong message we send.
I have personal experience with self-esteem building gone awry...
Over-confidence can produce a cocky, condescending guy.

Even using the word "hate" is something I vehemently dislike
but a very strong word's needed for a habit of this type.
When did it become okay not to say
a proper "I'm sorry" for a goofy play?
I cringe when it's said, especially by a peer.
It's truly abhorrent for me to hear.
If you are my age, you should be wise enough to know
that many modern things are fads that really must go.
But the more it becomes ensconced in our wacky communicative world,
the least likely it will be to flush with a swirl.

Disliking the phrase "my bad" is the rant for today.
I really wish the term could be eliminated from our lingo right away.
I'm shocked it's been a part of our language for so long.
I was truly hoping by now the term would be long-gone.
I abhor how correspondence has been modified to the point
where using full words makes one seem out of joint.
Rampant use of emojis suggests that proper language is near its end
and we're destined to devolve into using hieroglyphics again.
Communication skills reflect attitudes and vice versa, 'tis true,
so perhaps my tirade is useless and this devolution inevitably due.