Source: Me. The Supermoon magnified & colored on my cell phone
I'd forgotten how much I like to write here
Twitter called with the election so near
But now that thats over and the fight is on
I need to write here more & tweet along

Even though Twitter has me in time out
Yes,I'm pissed couldn't taunt & shout
a blow by blow of Dems sad reactions
from the peanut gallery and their illegal factions

None could find a thing to applaud
Amnesty & freebies is all they laud
& Illegals sat when FLOTUS Melania came in
Yet claim that they want to be a proud citizen

The stupidity that had once ruled this land
Really messed with the WRONG MAN
President Trump is a force on his own
And Gods got his back so he's NEVER alone

So wake up mindless traitors on the Hill
Things are a changin' they've now gotten real
Snowflakes are melting they're out of time
USA'S rising while Democrats decline

One more day censored and back on twitter
Tweeting out my sweet and bitter
But this time when I tweet again
I'll take a breath and first count to ten