People hate veganism
You know why?
They hate being reminded that what they're doing is wrong.
They don't want to realise that the dead animal corpses in their plates have had a small life full of misery. That what they're eating is stressed, terrified, desperate, young animals that deserve so much better.
Animals aren't even considered living beings anymore. They've become nothing more than a piece of meat, destined to be savored for a full 20 minutes before the person moves on to something else.
Why isn't anyone aware of how sad that is. They are considered objects with the sole purpose of being used by us, one way or another.
Did you know that all animals are actually equal? A cow isn't less important than a cat. A pig isn't less smart than a dog, it's actually the opposite according to scientific research.
But why is one on our plate, while the other one sleeps with us at night?
Well, it's a mystery to me.
People keep telling me that they love animals, but if you pay people to torture animals until it's time to kill them, just so you can have a nice supper, you don't like animals. You just like pets.

Let's say that you legitimately don't care about farm animals at all, well maybe you care a little bit about the environment.
Let me tell you that cutting meat, or any animal product for that matter, out of your life actually decreases your carbon footprint by a lot. Most scientists will tell you that. Eating legumes produces almost no carbon dioxide, uses almost no water, and doesn't take as much land (so less forests being cut down).
"What if I buy local meat?" Eating locally produced food is a great idea for the environment. But between buying local and cutting animal products, the latter is still better for the environment.
If you don't believe me, go read a little. All statistics show it. Many scientists say it.
"Yeah but I don't use plastic straws so I'm still doing my part for the environment" Again, this is a great thing to do, it is so important to reduce our plastic use, so many of it ends up in the ocean. Then again, about 50% of the waste in our oceans is due to fishing gear, compared to approximately 4% for plastic straws. So if you really want to do something about all of this, you should also stop eating fish.

If you're still not convinced, how about I tell you about the benefits a plant-based diet has on your health.
Almost no cholesterol is found in plants, so your arteries won't get clogged up and you won't have to take pills everyday or risk a deadly heart attack.
Your pressure is gonna drop to healthy levels.
Less chances of becoming a type-2 diabetic.
Also, you can ask any vegan, we've all seen changes in our overall health only a couple weeks after changing our diet. Our whole body seems to be in better shape.

Look, I know changing lifestyles can take a long time. I know, I've been through it as well. But small changes at a time are very simple to do.
I realise that most people don't give a crap about animals, except for cats and dogs. But ask yourselves this: what is so different between a dog and a pig? Except for the fact that it is what we have been raised to believe, there is no valid argument. None.
I have dogs and I would do anything to protect them from any harm. I love them with all my heart. I don't want anything bad happening to them, I wouldn't want anyone in China (for example) to take ANY dogs and kill them to eat them. I know it's the same for anyone reading this right now. But I realised that what happens in those dog meat festivals is actually no worse than than what happens in the farms here. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys... There is no difference between those two situations except for the fact that society has told us that eating dog flesh is wrong but eating cow flesh is ok and humane.

People mock vegans, but you know what? At least I don't pay people to torture and kill animals for a simple gastronomic pleasure.