Think my last writing here was probably....back in 2017
Ugh, another 3 years of being incognito just to return to let my minds discuss another topic that we find.... unexplored. 3 again ugh.
Now, last I was here the chapter of my life was living in a space that I wasnt sure was right for me.

Oh how much have change. (But somethings just stayed the same >:D)

Finally met my father (Apparently he's not a King, Alien or Super Spy like we dream he was) and now Im the eldest of not 2 but 7.
Five new siblings.... 4 little brothers (ALL TEN YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER) and one Little sister (who's 15 now).
. . . . . . . . (give em a min, he's still shock by this)
All that time I thought I was alone, apparently I was kept in the dark about the other half of my family. Uncles, Aunties, Grandma and Grandpa and a whole platoons of cousins eheh (we older than all our cousins too).

Found a new love. She wasn't what I expected. I wasn't what she expected. We are so different. More so than my last relationship. Together for over a year now and we even live together (FINALLY MOVED OUT OF MY MOTHERS HOUSE). She don't trust me and I don't trust her. Somehow we found a way to love each other with trust being at a "mature satifactory level" and nothing more than that. (Oh everyone know how unsafe this is, so do us a favor and don't warn us how unsafe this is. WE KNOW!!)

I work 4 jobs (no we aren't Jamaican)
Finally left FamilyDollar and work at Mighty Quinn's......and Black Spectrum Theatre......and a After School Program teaching the arts (more like just babysitting middle schoolers while someone else does the teaching) and Wonolo's many jobs around the city. Yes, I've been busy.
Even generated a credit scare (you mistype that), excuse me, a credit score of 722 (not that anymore though).
Do I like my jobs......they keep rent and bills payed so who knows.

I am in a new chapter now. . .. . . . . . . . . . .

Emerald Garden...........(this garden does have it's weed though)
Maybe I'll come back in another 3 years and talk about my child if I....well who knows, Eheh.