Sometimes it's hard to look back but often it's wise.
It can be a blessing in disguise.
Learning from our past is what experience implies--
so welcome the memories and savour your mind's eye.

It's proclaimed we must live in the present
but isn't our essence entangled with what's spent?
Isn't it important to develop from every place?
Don't we expect to acquire knowledge from our mistakes
and absorb all we can from what we partake?

We become what we are through our actions,
and encounters with various factions.
A symphony of pastimes creates our chorus.
Climbed trees contribute to our surrounding forest.
Whatever we confront molds our minds
and some things can never be left behind--
And should they?
A quandary we may not allay...

Suppression is considered unhealthy anyway--
Isn't that what psychoanalysts say?

Time to contemplate.
and don't procrastinate.

Find your groove
and MOVE!!!

Inspired by Yazz
and all her jazz,
and pizzazz--
An example of how one person can exert influence,
and because of the confluence,
forever direct one's life;
Change the path that otherwise might
not have been within one's sight.