As an Upper East Side Resident on the upper east side of Manhattan, New York I had not been prepared for what laid before us. I thought that the Pandemic would & could never come here to NYC because it was in China. I had read about Nostradamus & the Plague he lived through, losing his family, & when the coronavirus came here I thought of Nostradamus in the plague of his time. Even then Nostradamus urged the populace to practice sanitary practices like washing. He was a visionary psychic & a gifted doctor well beyond his time. How prevalent was all this in my mind! For me this coronavirus plague wasn’t supposed to come to our beloved upper east side neighborhood & spread all over our state & the world but it did as a moving forward plague with a grudge & an omen of doom. My friend & colleague an upper east side resident Anita Venturi had said that coronavirus was in her building but then at the time in March 2020 I thought she was being hyperbolic & an alarmist but as this real life drama unfolded rearing its ugly head very fast was the coronavirus arrival in NYC, I then knew that the truth was raging like a fast moving fire at all of our lives.

When the pandemic spread & when NYC was an epicenter of the pandemic among the cacophony of the ambulance sirens 24/7& the life saving reports from our New York Governor Cuomo I began to believe that perhaps indeed we are living in an era of an unexpected die off of humanity not from climate change as that’s a die off of life on the planet currently & always in our midst but because so many were dying of Covid 19 of this modern 21st century bubonic plague of our time. One million species are under this scourge of being extinct due to man’s extinction agenda for animals & plants. I thought now man is being threatened with a die off of man itself. It’s New York Governor Cuomo who will go down in history as the one of the best Governors in our nation who would make any sacrifice to save New York & its residents. Governor Cuomo exhibited himself as the current Nostradamus to me warning, broadcasting predicting & disseminating the truth & the horrors about Covid 19 when New York was the epicenter of this new plague in our surreal lifetime.

Any lethal virus could be created in a Dr. Frankenstein lab anywhere around the world & wipe out all of humanity & life as man is extinguishing countless species every day without remorse or ethical consideration for life on the planet! I had read an article about Coronavirus last March 2020 deliberately created as a bioweapon in a lab that spread all over the world.The person who made that article possible edited the article & is a respected American intelligence agent who is Robert Morningstar. Robert Morningstar is a UFO expert & investigator who put that chilling article on line. It made everybody’s blood crawl & stop flowing! He was sharing an article on the history & the creation of coronavirus as a deliberate creation of bioweapon annihilation of countless lives. I never knew that our lockdown was almost as critical & extreme as the city that created this bioweapon & suffered horribly which was Wuhan, China. We were to suffer the same fate.

Who can forget the refrigerated trucks for the corpses parked outside city hospitals. Central Park becoming a hospital & other anomalies for history to record. The Javits Center also became a hospital. Concurrently my friend & long time animal rights colleague & friend of mine, Anita Venturi was experiencing a second plague in her upper east side building courtyard & in the backyard of her life. After all she was an upper east side resident living in the Silk Stocking district but her building 1164 First Avenue which was also part of 1194 First Avenue was becoming a cesspool of contagion & disease in the middle of an epidemic. She like others in this area had known luxurious living in New York & Europe. It was something also no one could have predicted but she had been living like this for a very long time & the intolerance level of this dirt pit of pestilent infestation was getting to her & others! It was just that the Pandemic put a spotlight on the cesspool of contagion in the courtyard of her building. And the contagion was spreading & always ubiquitous.

The garbage in her building was & is not being collected properly & safely. Instead it’s left there to fester & infect & become something foul & contagious. Anita also hears screams from one of the tenants when garbage is being collected the sound of screaming is heard by Anita as this situation is one of willful criminal negligence & maintenance incompetence. Anita’s quality of life & the quality of life of the tenants in this building is being butchered & disregarded.

Who would think that a friend or a relative with the virus could potentially kill you if you spoke to them in a closed environment which has become an anathema! Back to my friend’s building the garbage in the courtyard had not been collected & it festered like a petri dish of the plague creating a double plague. Anita who was accustomed to living in comfort & cleanliness became terrified & stayed away from life outside. Anita had made a you tube video of the monsters in the courtyard of her building at some three years ago as this public health emergency worsens. The building had bedbugs a couple of years ago & still other infestations exist without any relief. The uncleanliness of the building is a target for all forms of infestation & contagion.

Anita is a hygienic woman like she stated & this was & is the sword of Damocles in her life right at her doorstep! How in the world could this happen in the silk stocking district of New York? This virus is immune to being killed & invincible spreading it's venom to anything & anyone. Then we took news every day as we were living under the threat of a virus that mutates & travels & its mutation & unlimited ability to spread to distant nations is its most lethal force for destruction. We continued to believe in the city agencies as the Sanitation Department was called & the Health Department had been also called about the abomination infestation in the courtyard of Anita’s building. The number 311 was called twice to no avail because the Petrie Dish of stench & infestation was unremovable but what we thought was a resolution was coming & the one thing that impressed upon me was when my friend Anita said that she didn’t want to die of a lethal infection caused by the contagion in the courtyard. The continuation of this Petrie Dish of contagion in the courtyard of her building was eradicated only for a short time by the city agencies only as the dissemination of this abomination in the courtyard of an upper east side building continues to this day long after the city agencies had been called the hope for a permanent resolution has now dissolved. The building is without a tenant’s association but also there’s fear of retaliation from the management & the landlord which is why Anita didn’t call them directly. The management & the landlord is criminal & culpable of this threatening public health disaster! Retaliation from landlords still exists more than ever even during a pandemic! Anita pays her rent steadily & so do others in the building but none of them deserve the unnecessary filth & threat of more contagion they have to live with which poses a public health threat every day indeed.

I realized then that her precious home was in jeopardy simply because the management of the building & the landlord of the building were being willfully & criminally negligent & nonchalant about keeping the building clean & sanitary. No resolution to this contagion & public threat to health during a pandemic has ever been resolved. No lawsuits please either as this was considered but the negatives would result & that was unacceptable. During a pandemic also an exorbitant amount of legal fees can mount up & up without any guarantee of both the management & the landlord coming to their senses instead they are running afoul of the laws & creating the very worse public health threat as the courtyard is a bloody squalid mess posing a threat to all tenants & during a pandemic! This of course was & is a felony & a grave public threat. Nonchalance was the only operating factor not a permanent resolution to the problem of garbage going uncollected & disseminated all over the courtyard. As the cesspool of filth got worse damp garbage was also reported. Trucks with hazardous materials was also reported by Anita. To top it off shady people also live in the building & nothing can be done.

As we found out no city agency could bring a clean & sanitary solution here because the landlord & the management have to be made accountable & they are living above any accountability! No one not the management not the landlord has been penalized like they should be! Fear sets in my friend is still afraid of going out during this pandemic & of course will not consider taking a Covid 19 plane escaping to another place. This is her home where Anita pays her rent monthly & regularly! The pandemic hasn’t been kind as another dear friend of mine Margot in our neighborhood lost her cat sitting business as a result of this pandemic. The daily 7 O’Clock cheer from the upper east side for the medical & emergency essential worker heroes were running steadily but also have now fizzled away.

Many lives are also gone as some shopkeepers in our neighborhood also have lost their lives to Covid 19. When this happens the buildings are boarded up & just stand there forever which means many will be dead until a new business opens up. This is true of shopkeepers who have died of Covid 19. Even before the pandemic there have been many empty storefronts on the upper east side. Many of them have been shut down for years before the pandemic. What I had been seeing was a paralyzed upper east side even before the pandemic many businesses sunk & perished & now with this reversal of so many fortunes no longer being enjoyed & utilized there’s even more business decimation. There were other very negative factors in that building of Anita with ongoing conspiracies going on & gangs being the culprits of contributing to the filth & added contagion that was very agitating also.

Anita Venturi, Margot & I have reminisced to a time where we as upper east side vegans used to stand in the most inclement weather in the arctic cold & the most scorching summers for animal rights & one of those causes was fighting for the liberation & the rights of the carriage horses to be free from their malignant savage perennial suffering & being rehomed in no kill sanctuaries who were ready to take them in! How ironic that it took a plague an international pandemic to FREE THEM! Years of demonstrations did nothing to liberate the horses but this time a man made weapon that affects the entire world was the light at the end of the tunnel for the carriage horses who cried out for justice but at the time nobody in heaven & earth heard! Only the animal rights people felt & saw their suffering but they lacked power to change the tragedies! From tragedy with all its bizarre grotesque faces of eeriness & frightful doom there can be a blooming light hovering from all of the tragedies. We hope also for a world without Covid 19 for everyone & deterrent to another pandemic.

They’re no longer riding tourists in the city since the lockdown in March 2020 in Manhattan New York. This to me is staggering & an emotional shockwave as Anita & I & Margot also my dear friend of mine worked our butts off in animal rights NYC, a movement of epic & unforgettable proportions running in our DNA. We all had been to every animal rights issue demonstrations & also the one that had the animal rights movement march of more than 3000 people marching for the animals & 2020 would have been the fourth one I believe if it hadn’t been for the pandemic that never ceases to change, spike slow down & lift up again & again turning its ugly head incessantly! The Animals Battalion & the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages all New York City based animal rights warrior legit organizations among others was our beat & our calling. We think of a time also when Anita & I loved luxuriating in the blessings of veganism at the upscale wonderful Candle Café on the upper east side & felt like the richest ladies for savoring the ethical wonders of the gourmet vegan food & drinks. Today Anita stays home with her beloved cat Rose & is a loner & a shut in but being a loner & a shut in she communicates divinely always giving me a run down of what’s happening in her building & her life. Anita is still fighting for the restoration of a sanitary & clean courtyard in her building.

Although the office of NYC Council Member Ben Kallos called & offered their help concerning the horrors in the Anita’s courtyard it didn’t lead to any permanent resolution as tenacity & the will power to resolve this was lacking. We hope that our staunch & proactive warrior local dynamic politician New York Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright with her professional wand of versatile multiple resolutions who will win in November 2020 will help citizens & NY tenants like Anita to bring this eye sore & damning building public health threat resolved as she’s done it before in upper east side buildings with challenging conflicts.

So we live with a full dose of these grim realities knocking at our door in this science fiction world of unprecedented horrors no one could have seen through a looking glass. None of the best psychics in the world predicted this pandemic. When the coolness of fall weighs in we wonder if indoor dining will be possible but with the bleakness of the mood & the bleak news, dining inside seems far fetched & not within our scope of reality & neither is the end of this pandemic as it marches on so audaciously with invincible might!