Source: Photographer Dave Stahl, Union Landing State Beach
North Coast Covid Blues

On Highway 1 north you’ll find the finest grub,
In Westport at The Abalone Pub
But that’s been closed for purty near 8 weeks
Cuz they’re keepin’ out all the computer geeks.

Shelterin' in place for yet another long day
Social distance keepin’ all the tourists away
Seems so long since we were livin’ our dream,
But it’s only been 3 months stuck in Covid 19

Another Coronavirus afternoon,
Another verse in a country western tune,
Everybody’s hidin’, I got nowhere to complain,
Same-old same-old drivin’ me insane.

Gummint checks ain’t got here yet,
Everyone up here's dippin’ deep into debt,
A little bit o’ green sure would do us all good,
Including all the locals hidin’deep in the woods.

The hardest part is the time between,
The first taste of beer and the last sip of caffeine.
It’s almost noon, I wonder is it okay.
To trade this stale coffee for an IPA?