The warmth of the June sun says that summer is drawing near
and soon we'll be frolicking through sand in a state of good cheer.
Spring flowers have blossomed, new babes born,
the sun rises early to a glorious gold morn.
The leaves have opened; seeds flourish aplenty,
the good now evident in 2020.

Too much, from the beginning has gone terribly wrong.
Sorry to sing the same old sad song
but I was hoping the pandemic would instigate a world where we all get along.
It seems in some cases
and in too many places
the world is spiraling downhill madly,
and too many people all over are behaving badly.

More than ever, we must join hands and unite!
There's a disease to fight!
Mankind needs to work with all its might
and EVERYONE must do what's right!

Eliminating the instigators, the evil and unkind
must be foremost on our minds
or we'll ALL be left behind.