I was dreaming of children playing outside. I remember hearing a little girl calling out my son’s name! It made me smile and yet a bit emotional since it reminded me of when my children were young. Especially my son, since that’s the name I kept hearing the little girl say!
And then it happened!! I saw a tiny bright white light! It was the size of an animal’s eye! It was running towards me as I was laying in bed. I could see it was a dark figure - an animal. My body wanted to escape it but I was too late! I felt it pin me down! It was such a strong hold. I could then hear myself breathing hard and trying to yell out my cat’s name to come to me, since she’s the only one I live with! I couldn’t move! I could see myself move in this nightmare. I then began to call out Jehovah God as I was being pinned down! I tried to break out of this thing that was pinning me down! It just wouldn’t leave me! So I continued to call Jehovah God, over and over again in my head! I could finally hear myself breathing heavier and I could finally feel myself trying to move. Then that’s when I saw this smoky skeletal figure! It was so weird but before the skeletal smoke disappeared completely, I heard people from the past on the side of my bed having a conversation. I didn’t know what they were saying because I was too focused on removing this thing off of me and to be able to call out Jehovah God out loud! Finally the smoky skeletal figure disappears! And I am finally able to wake up and say Jehovah God out loud. I quickly turned the light on only to see my cat laying at the end of my bed staring at me as if she knew what happened. Finally my breath slowed down. I then texted 3 of my kids since they are usually up late. And one of them responded. It was my son!