Still living in this first home of mine
Manage to keep a job throughtout the year
Still together and living with this woman who I love
And my birthday is tomorrow...
First time in a long time where I have no plans for that
I would love planning big events, espeically for my birthday
But no
Instead I plan on going to work from 5.30am-4.30pm
Go watch a play in the city somewhere
Then sleep
Sounds like a relaxing day.... hopefully
....................Yo are you up? (oh? who me?)
Yes you. Very quiet today. (Do you want me to be loud?)
No but would like some side commentary ya know. Its sorta our thing
But anyway (he says with sigh) life hasn't been getting worse
Im not sure if it's on track.
Got a car now, (it got 99 problems and we cant pay for one)
My father helps out a lot with it
My theatre open again and was able to work backstage for a show
Got a promotion at work, finally getting paid decent money
(Big on "DECENT". Like its not a lot but makes life a lil easier)
Credit Score lookin great
Credit in general not as high anymore
And I finally able to get shit fix in the house.
Yet, kinda feel like I should be doin more
(Like, writing ya damn ZaiFang Comic)
Yeah.... that. Ill finish it day