Travel - take every opportunity to travel whilst you are young, free and uncommitted. Don't just go on holiday but really connect with your new surroundings. I loved my time exploring, particularly by myself as it pushed me to understand and adapt to different personalities and local cultures.

Distinguish your friends from acquaintances - your circle of friends will change every few years. Everyone grows in different ways that may not allow for a 20 year old friendship to survive another 20 years. Be aware of the people you surround yourself with, their motivations, interests and who they are as a person. Make a distinction between who you respect, is interesting, who is honest with you and who you can be open to as these traits are valuable in a solid friendship. Get comfortable with leaving the majority of people you meet on the acquaintance list. Surround yourself with those who enrich your life and remember to give back to people and causes that matter.

Keep it moving - if you were sporty as a child it is ok to continue as an adult! Sport is unlikely to kill you and weight training, martial arts or playing football will not necessarily turn you into a lesbian or a man. If you were not the sporty type, there are so many exercises you can try and may end up falling in love with. You must stay active for the health and longevity of your mind and body. And that doesn't include raving every day. Challenge yourself and improve the capacity of your body.

Join the club and network - don’t be lazy when it comes to meeting new people in your City. You are bound to find a few gems who can widen your horizon, introduce you to new people and open doors that you may not have entered otherwise. Join and be active in your student union, university/local newspaper or join a society. Get networking in and out of your usual circle.

Downplay society's view - consider less society's view and become clear on the view and rationale of your inner voice. Be conscious of others and the environment around you and note the things that change and remain constant. Characteristics, thoughts, feelings, physical form, race, religion and ambitions impact, but are not defining. Be your own person, you can make a stand but you don't need to be loud about it. Never hold grudges.

The world is a nice place - the world is not against you all the time. Admittedly it isn't fair and not always peaceful but you have control over what you can do. Play to these strengths and focus on the cans instead of the cants. Where there is a will there is unlimited potential and often the bigger factor that holds you back is yourself.

Read widely - there are too many written books to ever read in one lifetime. Choose what you consume wisely. Read a variety of authors and genres; a bit of non-fiction of autobiographies, history and science alongside fiction of mythology, erotica, comedy and thriller. Just because media is now at the touch of your fingerprints doesn't mean you should be restricted to these channels. Reading trumps the lot because you can use your imagination, creativity and perception instead of it all being spoon-fed to you through a screen. It is good exercise for the brain.

Be thankful - not everything will go your way so don't be disappointed with the effort you put in. You can only try your best and if it's not a wanted result you can try again or re-address your aim. You've been gifted with life and it is yours. You are free to do with it what you will. Have gratitude for being alive with opportunity even if the chips are temporarily down. It's a bad day, not a bad life so the world will continue turning and you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Experiences over possessions - collect experiences and memories over tangible items. Whilst some items are important and nice to have, most are overvalued. Fashion trends pass, possessions can be lost but the learnings from experience lasts a lifetime. Time goes quickly, so if you have an urge it is ok to give in but best to ensure due diligence beforehand. Take responsibility when things go wrong. There is always something you could've done better, so refrain from beating yourself up about it just learn and move on. When things go right don't make yourself small, it's ok to be happy. Just keep things in perspective and ego at bay. Life can be very simple, yet we choose to over complicate it.

Work now, relax later - yes there is a lot of fun and distractions but you can still work on things you're passionate about. Don't wait years and then regret it later. Have patience and persistence and ask for help of honest, impartial, experienced people when needed. Experiment and try new ideas. Nothing is perfect and it's ok to fail and try again.