Dear Random Men who followed me late last night

I appreciate that you are bored so you need something to do however I don't know you. I would really like it if your group wouldnt walk so close that even my dog feels threatened by you. Yep I mentioned my dog because that's why I walk alone at night so I can take him for a walk. There are many reasons but the main one is he is afraid of kids because they scream , even though you are grown men you screamed right next to him. It scared him I supposed if you were walking alone and a random person screamed down your ear you would be afraid as well.

I decided to stop and hoped you would walk past however you did not , you waited until I continued to walk and then followed me home and this is the second time you had done this. I get it I'm different I don't look like every 22 year old my age. My voice is a higher frequency than most people my age and I get that that. Im not going to change my appearance because you think I'm ugly. Im not going to starve my self either because you think I'm over weight. That's your opinion if you want to impress your friends go ahead just stop involving me in this .

I don't think its funny , as just after you left I was yelled at by another stranger In a car I get this all the time not just by you but by many people Someone told me the only way to stop it is that I looked nicer so I wouldn't be a target to your games. I'm not doing that , I don't want to wear make up and nicer hair because that isn't who I am. So please stop targeting me and other people who won't speak up to you . Please think before you act . if you some how read this leave me and other people alone when walking , even walking alone at night. Sinceraly The girl with the dog