My heart goes out to the people of New Zealand, especially the nations Muslims. I know that the mass shooting is not representative of your nation nor are the views of the killers the views of the majority of people in your nation. It takes a special kind of Godless Sicko to gun down people in the midst of worshipping god. The killer even streamed the murders live.

Muslims as well as all people of faith, no matter what faith, should have the right to freely worship in peace. They should have the right to worship wherever they desire. They should have the right to live. I stand for Muslim’s right to worship and live, just as I stand for the same rights for all people. I also stand for the true spirit of Peace, freedom and equality which lives in the hearts of a majority of New Zealanders.

I caution nations around the world to provide security to mosques and other places of worship. There is a danger that there will be copycat attacks. I would also like to caution New Zealanders who are traveling abroad, whether on business, as tourists or service members, especially to nations where there is a Muslim majority to take precautions against abduction by terrorist groups. There are terrorist groups who will view the acts of a few sickos as representative of a global attack on Islam and will likely want payback by abducting innocent New Zealanders or people from other Western nations.

It is time for cooler heads to prevail. It is time for unity not discord. It is time for love not hatred. We must not let the sickness of the hatemongers to spread. God Bless Us All.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life