Source: My beloved Cosmicglowie :)
Not much is spoken or discussed about the after life of animals at all. The afterlife is relegated to humans primarily in our blind, dumb deaf & soulless society but after the passing of a beloved pet nothing is said about where those beloved animal souls go. Humans don’t empathize with you the way they would when a human significant other passes but in my world a pet’s love is a significant other & when my beloved beautiful, darling, spectacular feline love Cosmicglowie passed the separation pain from her was & still is unbearable. In my world the beloved pet passing is relevant to my world & a highly sought after life continuation of life because if a human soul passes that life after life transition is also experienced in the soul of a beloved pet transitioning to an afterlife few humans know about & can relate to. I do know as an animal rights activist that when the factory farm animals scream for help & not ever getting any divine or human relief or loving compassion or mercy that when they are no longer breathing I always hope & cry out for their eradication of suffering as their souls ascend somewhere in the labyrinth of interdimensional outer worlds. My bereft condition is bereftness crying out for Cosmicglowie & reaching out to her was my determined grip on this matter. In my case my departed beloved gorgeous calico pet feline Cosmicglowie was that feline love of great cosmic love & scope that’s haunted me as I think of Cosmicglowie in the afterlife frequently & often especially now after experiencing my session with an Edgar Cayce Foundation animal communicator psychic medium named Bryn Durham from the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Finding Bryn Durham was very special to me because he had already made a profile of Cosmicglowie by analyzing her lovely photos. His description of her during our afterlife session with Bryn & Cosmicglowie was spot on as if he had spent every day of her 12 years with him as well as me! It’s a compulsory outlet to the Grieving Bereft ones like me when someone with a gift to communicate soundly & transparently communicates with a departed beloved which can open a psychic portal with messages from the afterlife of a beloved special cosmic love like my Cosmicglowie!!! Cosmicglowie in physical life was a beautiful Calico kitty who
reached out to me from day one & vice versa. She was one year old when I adopted her from a place called “Loving Hands” a vet & cat adoption business long gone out of business in my upper east side Manhattan New York neighborhood. I had named her Cosmicglowie as I originally named a rescued pigeon Cosmicglowie that I had saved & remembered that name so here I had found Cosmicglowie my beloved cosmic cat to match Cosmicglowie, the beautiful pigeon Cosmicglowie who was also a wonder to me & had recovered from his injuries long released in the NYC landscape. While holding & embracing Cosmicglowie the pigeon I saved the name of Cosmicglowie which was revealed to me in my mind as I held Cosmicglowie the pigeon. People have often complimented this unique name of Cosmicglowie which I made up because of inspiration from the Cosmos & the Cosmic universes & yes the whole rescue of both the pigeon Cosmicglowie & Cosmicglowie the kitty calico cat was to me was orchestrated & preordained by a universal wondrous power smiling down at us! I had often said to people “Yes I was inspired” I would often say that both because the pigeon Cosmicglowie who recovered & was released to the NYC landscape & the calico cat Cosmicglowie were gifts of cosmic love & eternal wonder &universal love sizzling with mystical beauty! I had taken Cosmicglowie home to love her & adored her madly for 11 short years. I would say to myself like the late singer favorite of mine the late Karen Carpenter song “We’ve only just begun”while I enjoyed seeing Cosmicglowie so ecstatic with her life! Cosmicglowie lived with two other unique & loving gorgeous cats & I was committed to give her & this loving splendid feline trio everything I could & I did just that! Cosmicglowie’s spectacular large green eyes were openings of her feline soul growing more beautiful & animal souls & animal kingdoms journeying to many levels of deep knowing a diversity of other dimensional worlds merging. As the years swiftly flew by Cosmicglowie & her feline soulmates lived & loved in a perfect life she never lacked for anything as the trio grew closer. One day Cosmicglowie had been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. She was also diagnosed with bad teeth which humans suffer from constantly. Her tooth operation went well the first & second time but the first vet who operated on her teeth at the time had some ideas that I didn’t accept that she may have had cancer because she had lost weight 4 pounds which is a lot of weight to lose if you’re a cat! Although not diagnosed with cancer the first vet was suspicious of cancer & wanted to do an invasive
procedure which I said no to & I got rid of that vet. Cosmicglowie was omnivorous which describes her appetite & her love of living! My husband & I never stopped doting & pampering Cosmicglowie along with her two feline soulmates! This cloud of cancer was there but I kicked it out because Cosmicglowie was a voracious eater & being til the end. That moment I dreaded was coming even though it’s disguised as when Cosmicglowie a very thin but a kitty with a lot of appetite ate & lived omnivorously!! Her second vet had put her on steroid medication which we gave her every day & if you believe medication can save all illnesses it surely doesn’t. The afterlife session of Cosmicglowie Semeniuk revealed a massive amount of revelations as I knew I would choose someone from the Edgar Cayce Foundation in NYC & I chose the right one by far who was Bryn Durham who does after life sessions of departed humans & beloved departed animals. He had already analyzed some facts about Cosmicglowie from photos I had sent to him. He revealed that Cosmicglowie was a demure shy kitty which was true& she always knew who she was! My first question was to Bryn after the passing of Cosmicglowie was where is Cosmicglowie? He replied as I anxiously held my breath for his answer. Bryn replied “She’s in a place with trees & she’s with nature spirits, fairies & angels, there’s an older woman beckoning to Cosmicglowie to come to her! He said. “This woman has bent knees trying to convince Cosmicglowie to come to her. She’s gesturing to Cosmicglowie & tapping on her knees so that Cosmicglowie will come.”

I was overwhelmed & bedazzled by Bryn’s description but I was also jealous that others were with her & not me for the first time in my life & her life. I had no idea that Cosmicglowie loved my laughter as Bryn pointed out.” The angels are always around her as Cosmicglowie sits on a chair” he said. He even said that Cosmicglowie had a toy mouse in her new world. All of this captivated & intrigued me with waves of other dimensional fervor. I visualized the whole scene as a luxurious luscious place with massive gargantuan otherworldly trees & these beings around her. She always knew her own identity & the beings her new caretakers were sending love to her & the colors pink yellow purple were out of this world with out of this world angels around her! The revelations about Cosmicglowie’s afterlife kept coming as when I asked Bryn when did she know that she would be leaving home & making a transition elsewhere? One week before Cosmicglowie passed she knew she was leaving us & the physical world which also stunned me so much knowing that Cosmicglowie knew she was leaving her physical body the life she knew & loved with me & knew that a new dimension was coming into her life. That to me was incredible because many times humans know when they going to expire but Cosmicglowie this stunningly beautiful magical loving Calico kitty of mine knew! This also was a stunning revelation to me that a week before Cosmicglowie was in a transitional state knowing that a new realm of existence was before her! I asked Bryn about why she had said “meow” to me during the moments that she & I knew she was in the process of passing to these new dimensions awaiting her. He had told me that she was saying Farewell to me but I interpreted that to mean that she was asking for the help I didn’t know how to give her which was to make her well again! Bryn was explaining revelations to me telling me that Cosmicglowie was being prepped for her afterlife. How utterly phenomenal that a beloved Kitty cat my darling beautiful eternally beloved one could have known so much wisdom! While her physical being was fading Cosmicglowie was given wisdom from above so during Cosmicglowie’s after life session with Bryn Durham I had asked Bryn how was it for Cosmicglowie at the moment she departed & was it like the tunnel experience so many near death experiencers talk about how there’s a light in the tunnel that one flies through.

Bryn had a most unusual answer to that question as he said “no” to me. Then his answer was a knockout astonishing revelation that hit me like some kind of cosmic shock I had never heard of or read before as someone’s experience before as he told me that Cosmicglowie was LIFTED into the light which took me by an unexpected cosmic wave through my being knocking me off guard! I had never heard of any human near death experiencer say that they had been lifted into the light until Bryn told me that my beloved Cosmicglowie was lifted into the light! It stunned & fascinated me at the same time!Cosmicglowie was lifted into the light! I had also asked him who was there when she was about to transition & he had told me that there were three other departed beloved kitty cats of mine who were there!

As I had lost 6 former beloved kitties I wrecked my mind thinking of the three kitty departed beloveds who were there for Cosmicglowie. Was it Elulu, another most beloved one who departed 5 years ago or was it Ludwig & Rudica or Kalinka, Elulu & Ridica? I was awestruck & so anxious to know! So there’s more after life activity than our wildest thoughts can dream of when departed ones show up to take our beloved ones newly physically deceased ones to transport them to their new after life abodes. Everything Bryn had said was a sigh of solace & other worldly outreach for me like a lively buzzing through my whole system. I asked him when would I be united with Cosmicglowie & again the answer was mesmerizing & soul wrenching. Bryn said “Not in this reality”. That was said in the key of haunting thoughts aligning themselves in your psyche. One of the captivating things he said was when I asked him if either of my living two cats can see Cosmicglowie in our apartment & he said YES! Bryn told me that it’s LYRA GALACTIC my beloved living feline who sees Cosmicglowie sitting in the kitchen on her favorite chair! A favorite chair of Cosmicglowie. Then he described how well my living beloved feline LYRA Galactic sees Cosmicglowie on the chair & that is impactful as I have seen Lyra Galactic staring & fixated at certain spots around our apartment including that chair. There are times that Lyra Galactic is transfixed on a spot & I wonder if she’s looking at Cosmicglowie. And to top it off one of the other important questions I questioned Bryn about was that written loving tribute to Cosmicglowie that I had written for Cosmicglowie & at her vet’s office I had requested that when Cosmicglowie was to be cremated I had requested that she be given my written loving tribute to her at the time of Cosmicglowie’s cremation & it was given to her. Bryn told me that Cosmicglowie felt the power of my written words to her at the time of her cremation so it means that words of love for a departed beloved one resonate as a beloved departed one makes an afterlife transition. That thrilled me & at the same time made me want to reach out to Cosmicglowie even more!

For a split second during the physical demise of Cosmicglowie as she hadn’t eaten anything on the day that Cosmicglowie passed I took a piece of sardines one of her favorite foods to give to Cosmicglowie hoping against hope that Cosmicglowie would revive her fervent appetite & live but instead Cosmicglowie not only ate the piece of sardines but also bit my finger aggressively! After that moment Cosmicglowie left her physical feline body! Bryn described this to me as being normal for Cosmicglowie to do as she knew she would be leaving her physical life & took that bite of sardines before entering her new realm. I’ll never forget that loving bite from Cosmicglowie as it was meaningful & emotionally stirring! A physical revival was not in the agenda! Although I was deceived for one split second into thinking that her physical life would be revived at that moment she ate the sardines but Bryn defined it & astutely analyzed & explained all that happened moments before Cosmicglowie left her physical feline body & had that dimensional quantum jumping lift into her new world of love & wonder. The Edgar Cayce Foundation here in NYC is an outreach to any beloved departed soul as it gave solace to me & wonderment also as you wish to know more. Someday I do hope they’ll be electronic devices where we will see & talk to our beloved ones in the afterlife. The bereftness is still prevalent but after seeing a film called “ A Dog’s Purpose” with Dennis Quaid I thought that the premise of the film would be ideal for grieving ones. The premise being that a very beloved dog named Bailey is inseparable from his loving guardian but the years pass by & Bailey passes & is separated from his beloved favorite human guardian but as the cosmic laws that be turn on & on Bailey is reincarnated into different breeds of dogs & always in a new doggy body but remaining the soul of Bailey as he’s reincarnated into a husky who’s a police dog who in the end gets shot & had been doing life saving work for humans then as he keeps reincarnating into puppies he comes back into Bailey & the startling thing about this is that he knows he’s Bailey! You hear the doggies’s voice throughout the film reaffirming that animals have inner voices & emotions that are limitless.

Like Cosmicglowie the doggie character in the film knows his name is really Bailey & never forgot the human loving guardian played by Dennis Quaid. He never forgot his identity as Bryn mentioned about Cosmicglowie always knows who she was! So Cosmicglowie always knew her identity & knows it always! So in this ideal world of being reunited with your favorite human guardian Bailey in the film discovers his loving human guardian who adopts him ignorant of the fact that he’s really adopting his beloved “Bailey” in his lifetime after Bailey went through a litany of incarnations while his beloved human guardian was still living his present life. Bailey reunites his guardian with the girl who got away when the love interest was Bailey’s human guardian’s girlfriend & Bailey in his present incarnation gets them together & they marry. In a scene when his human guardian is tending to Bailey he wants his human guardian to know he’s his beloved Bailey for real & Bailey performs an old trick that only Bailey would do which was to run very fast over his beloved human guardian’s back. His human guardian is freaked out indeed! “ You’re freaking me out he says to Bailey” because that was a gesture that only Bailey did! Then the moment of unparalleled truth comes to mind as his human guardian finally realizes that Bailey is real & now after all of Bailey’s doggy reincarnations has come back to his beloved human guardian after his human guardian has not gone through any incarnations to get him back in his human guardian’s lifetime! He calls out Bailey’s name realizing the gift cosmic law & the universe has given him is Bailey! So Bryn Durham my afterlife animal communicator who says I’ll meet Cosmicglowie in another reality not in this one leaves a cosmic inner dynamic imprint of a very much desired reality to look forward to & I see & visualize Cosmicglowie leading a procession of my departed beloved pet felines all coming into my realm & that anticipated other reality!

As I speak to Cosmicglowie & embrace her ashes in the lovely gold colored purple box & communicate to her I know that this other Cosmicglowie reality will be a game changer & the fruition of something magical, powerful beyond our world & lovingly beautiful just like Cosmicglowie & the other beautiful beloved departed felines are! Although it’s unspeakably hurtful & painful to face everyday without Cosmicglowie in her physical form in that mystical expanse out there, there are past current & foreseeable future realities where Cosmicglowie will lead in a procession of my beloved departed feline loves purring next to me telling me that the future other reality Bryn Durham referred to is here.