Who am I? Great question....
I'll give a little background in what I am trying to accomplish in life.
I want to be able to say "I did that" "I made that work". Some days I can and somedays it just was not in the cards. I keep trying but just when I get to the point where things start to make sense...poof!, the world changes on me again and I find myself starting all over again.
I guess that is why the phrase "That's Life" means just that.
I have this quest, I guess you could call it that. To be able to get away from debt because, that is what plagues me. It makes it hard to get going when all your doing is working to pay and not to enjoy!
I want that feeling of accomplishment everyday! I have had it a few times...
--For example: Today is my 690th day sober from any alcohol!! 40 days from 2 years!! That includes even cough syrup or anything that contains any alcohol that may impair me.
That is an accomplishment of a lifetime and it has given me an inner strength that have not felt in a very long time. I have this new attitude on life and that is to sieze whatever new paths lead up to me. Take more of a chance and quit being so darn worried what may happen.
Ok, enough of the goobledegook...
I had seen this video and made me start to think about what I want to write about, not what I might think others want to read, it's time for...If you like what I write, keep reading. If not, keep searching.
I have this absolute love for LEGO and not just any either, sure I love any type of LEGO but the ones I love the most would be Star Wars LEGO products.
To the point of where...*STOP* (My brain gets stuck on a tangent sometimes)...
I have this website, some call them a blog, but to me "BLOG" sounds depressing! Probably a word that came from the Northwest of our Country, yes Oregeon and Washington and maybe a few places in California. LOL
I call it a website. My online Mentor David, calls it a "hobby blog". Fair enough seeing how it is about my favorite hobby but for me I think I would call it a....hold a sec....thinking.....ummm maybe a "hobby platform".
When I hear blog, in my head it reads more like BOG, to which I think of a stale, stinky, pest infected, dark and musty place.
At least a platform is meant to raise you up! Right? Things change online all the time and certain words I notice come and go but a certain phrase or suggestion, that is another story.
That's my goal you see...to rise up against anything that gets in my way of my dreams, passions and goals.
My Star Wars LEGO platform sounds way better than my SW LEGO blog!
I'm still new in this whole different part of the world but, I WILL make a difference to someone, somewhere and somehow. :-)

I found this site and decided to post something about me and the way I think sometimes late at night and this set up for this post reminds me of WP (wordpress) which both my sites are made from.
My first Frankenstien.... http://autosafetech.com and then on to a more reformed website is.... http://vadersnewempire.com
My online time now has been short compared to a bunch of people but I would like to think I pick some really cool people to hang out with and associate myself with.
Here is a group of two men that have been helping me, one I met recently through the first. '
David Boozer has had my back since the beggining. Frank Calabro Jr., I met through David.
They have a site which I have the privelage of being able to learn from.
Check it out, learn something new! This is the future. Social media is everywhere!
I should be on my site doing a review or even a set statistic but lately I been wanting to vent (sorta speak) my opinions and thought I would try it in a few places to see if anyone was watching or following me closely.
Wanting desperatly to start my site about me chrisbudesheim.com would be nice. Just don't want to leave my other sites out in the cold.
I have the tendency to leave things hanging. Not any longer though! I'm expanding and even getting back in video.
Yes, I dabbled in video production back in the 80's, just for school at first then on to my own wierd stuff. Short plays, back yard M-60 experiments and other crazy crap we could shoot! LOL
Be on the lookout for a few new videos to hit youTube and maybe Vimeo of my new videos, should be fun.

That is about it for now, I want to see who reads what I have so far....