2 years ago I barely left my house on my own, now I can leave the house and have conversations and go on the bus on my own. The therapy I had came from my dog who forced me into social situations. He forced me to communicate with people and have conversions with them. I now go over to people with dogs and I talk to the owners.

I do often think that 11 years ago my family was so close to not getting him.We weren't looking for him I knew I wanted a border collie (I didn't know what one was I just saw a older one and wanted him) . we didn't plan on going to the rescue centre oin that day but it was near home so we just popped in. While I was looking at a dog that was on our No list (we didn't want a small tiny dog). I was called over and sitting in a cage with a sign just arrived was my dog.

We took him home and for the next 7 years we did not get along I loved him but unless I had food he didn't want anything to do with me. I got bit by him at least once a year . He refused to go in my room and to go on a walk with me , he became my dads dog. When I was 18 I think he was 7/8 my dad became unwell so I took over walking him. Then my dad was extremely unwell and in hospital for over a year. Then we had to move this time just me and him as my parents split up so we lived with my dad. I expected him to go back to disliking me since his favorite person was back.

He was so excited to have my dad back but what was most strange to me was he didn't want to sleep in my dads room which he had done since he was a puppy. I thought maybe its a new house and he will go back to the old routine. Nope he had been sleeping in my room next to me for 2 years. He will go in his room in the day and sleep but at night he will always creep back in my room. He also barks and let's me know when my dad is unwell.
He is amazing ,Not just to me but to everyone he meets he puts a smile on their faces. I was told dogs aren't as intelligent as humans but I disagree. He understands more than most people I meet.