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I was walking my dog for our last walk of the night it was just past 10pm and a elderly lady came up to me. i asked if she was okay and she seemed a bit confused but we both carried on walking in opposite directions . I kept an eye on her to make sure she was okay. she went into the road thankfully cars stopped and as a group of strangers we all helped her. while we was trying to help her she kept walking away from the saftey of the village where we ended up was busy main road and she kept going into the road. It was terrifying as a boy of around 15 (I dont know his age ) and me with a very old dog had to run into the road and endangering all of our lives to help her. we got angry looks from other cars.

The group split up in a attempt to help her and thankful someone stopped a ambulance car and she is now being taken care for by professionals. It was clear by everyone that she had Alzheimers. This is a common thing and if you know someone who show any symptoms of Alzheimers please contact someone. This Ederly lady could of been killed tonight if it wasnt for everyone involved. I almost walked away like all thoes cars who drove past because you dont know what to do. Situations like these happen and there are kids on involved like the little boy who saw this whole thing. Thankfully he was excited by the police cars and had no understanding on what was going on. I also want to mention15 year old who ran out into the dark road to protect her from cars could of died helping her because it was a dangerous busy road(he wasn't on his own his Uncle was helping as well ). It could of ended up very tragic and i know that none of us (except the 6 year old boy ) will forget this night.

Please dont turn a blind eye or think your family members will be okay and please dont ignore any symptoms.If you notice a elderly neighbor who lives alone please go over and have a conversation when you have time. also if you see any elderly person acting odd dont ignore it pull over or simply call the police. Here is the UK number for the National Dementia Helpline 0300 222 11 22 , Please dont ignore it. Also please dont walk away i know its easy as i almost did it but more people helping the more lives are saved. Everyone who helped tonight was complete strangers but we came together to help another stranger.