The entire nation is still reeeling from the aftermath of the suicide bombing in Manchester last week. The Tube bombing of 7/7 in 2005 was not a one off, we were told that it would happen again. Sadly it came to pass. 22 people lost their lives at a pop concert. The question I ask is why?

What sort of person would set off a bomb in a pop concert full of young people.The Ariana Grande concert had bought such joy to teenagers, pre-teens and their parents. The bomber, Salman Abedi, must have seen the smiling faces of the audience, and still decided to detonate his bomb , killing himself in the process. How could a young man have so much hatred inside him?

Abedi was born in Britain, he was not an immigrant. He grew up in this country, with the NHS, the BBC, cricket, Eastenders, Coronation Street,pop music,Manchester United, Manchester City, X Factor and The Royal Family. He felt no connection to any of that. He felt like an outsider, like an outcast. Abedi attended Salford University and then dropped out.Why is this? His alienation meant that he was susceptible to manipulation /indoctrination by persons with evil intentions. That indoctrination may have happened here via the internet or in person.

Abedi may have been told that his alienation and unhappiness was because of the evil West. All the problems of his life was caused by the West, full of decadence and sin.This may sound simplistic but a young mind is easy to twist.All of his anger burning away light a fuse waiting to be lit by men from ISIS or Al Qaeda. How many more like him?

We have failed in this country.We have failed to integrate whole communities into our national life. I speak as child of immigrants from Jamaica. Many young people born here do not see themselves as part of this country, which is why some of them found life in Syria under the "Islamic Caliphate" attractive. I'm thinking of those three school girls who went to Turkey and then crossed the border.Of course, they soon found out this was a fool's paradise. Any romantic notion of an Islamic utopia was quickly dispelled. Despite all this, there are still people who are emotionally committed to the ideals of ISIS.

Those who hate this country that much must be asked: where do you want to go? Where do you feel would best feel free to practise your religion? I bet that their response would be a deafening silence.