I used to read a lot of political thrillers when I was younger. I once read a novel called The Second Lady by Irving Wallace about a KGB plot to kidnap the US President's wife and replace her with a double who happens to be a Soviet agent. There is also a book called The Red President by Martin Gross about a Soviet puppet who is placed in the White House. Both of these books were entertaining, but they cannot compare to the current saga in Washington.

A billionaire property developer/ reality TV star is elected President defeating an establishment figure in a bitter election. A series of allegations persist about the links between the President and the Kremlin. One of them being that the computers of the Democratic Party were hacked by groups linked with or under the orders of the Kremlin. The result is that information is released that may have assisted the then Republican challenger.

The plot thickens when it later emerged that the President's national security advisor had failed to disclose contacts with the Russian Ambassador. He is forced to resign. The matter is then investigated by the FBI. The President continually denies that he has any links with the Kremlin, and that this a witchhunt by his enemies. However, he fires the FBI directer while the investigation is ongoing! If you were not suspicious before that, you would be afterwards. What has the President got to hide?Why not let the FBI do its job? The fired FBI director reveals that the President suggested that the investigation into Michael Flynn be relaxed or go easy.

President Donald Trump does not help himself by continually tweeting on this matter. Now he is constantly commenting, hinting or attacking. His latest tweets concern the impartiality of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump is slowly building a case for possible obstruction of justice charges and also his own political grave. Almost everyone is getting legal counsel, which is not a good sign.

The Republican Party seem to be holding fire at the moment, mainly out of loyalty, misguided or otherwise. At some point, someone will have to bite the bullet as this saga looks set to run and run. You just cannot make it up.