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Most people won't date a guy if there family doesn't like them I don't date a guy if my dog dislikes them. Yep seems a bit stupid I agree however he is a social dog he has so many human friends I get people who I never met come up to me asking how he is. He loves people and that's what I love about him, He will walk up to someone who is sitting down on a bench and in a bad mood he just puts his head on them. He never met them before but there mood changes and he just has this impact on people.

As his owner all I can do is just watch and smile as he goes up and makes people laugh. They then want to know his story and its far from simple he was a rescue dog he was returned by a family back to the rescue centre when he was 4 months old because he was too much work. My family saw him and that was it we fell in love with this sweet border collie

Like every family we had problems when he was 8 everything changed we moved and the family that he knew were no longer together. I made a promise to my self no matter what we wouldnt be spilt up during this time I struggled with anxiety and refused to talk to anyone. The therapy sessions didn't really help but my dog did. He walked up to people he forced me to socialized and now its so much easier to talk to people. He impacted my life so much and his small hello changes peoples day. He is now 11 and I hope he will be around when I meet the guy I fall in love with. I want him there to give me a way as we walk down the aisle because I know my dad wouldn't be able to but where I live we are known as the girl and the dog. So it makes sense to have him with me it's like a farewell moment since I will be handing his lead back to my dad as kind of like a end of the chapter since he was with me when I was eleven and starting my life as a teenager and now as I start my own family and my own life unfortunately I can't take him with me because he is my dads dog and being with him is where he is happy. For now I'm enjoying life being single and watch him make others smile because its what he does best.

The world is so dark at the moment and having dogs teach us not to judge anyone as my dog goes up to everyone no matter who they are. We can all learn from it I know I have.