Can you hear the constant drumbeat for war? Our media is whipping up the fear that war is about to break out on the Korean peninsula. People actually think that North Korea is going to attack the United States or her allies, which will result in a counter strike from Washington.

Donald Trump's "fire and fury" rhetoric did not help as it ratchets up the tension even higher. In times like these, you need cool heads as shown by John F Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Does it need to be said that Trump is definitely no Kennedy?You have to go back to the 1980s when there was a US President that made people feel nervous due to his rhetoric in those days, it was Ronald Reagan.

I think that this whole" crisis" has been manufactured to create fear and hysteria. We are being whipped up by our media to fear a North Korean attack in part because we think North Korea's leader is dangerous and unpredictable, in short, we think he is mad. So mad, in fact that he will risk the destruction of his own country by firing missiles at Guam/South Korea or the United States. The truth is Kim Jong-Un is not mad. He may be a ruthless bastard, intent on maintaining power, but he is not mad. Men like him are interested in power and control. He will not risk that by some reckless military adventure he cannot win.

What we need is calm negotiation between Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington. North Korea has security concerns as does Washington. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for talks, as a war will be a total disaster for everyone. Donald Trump should do his best to calm the situation down. All it takes is for one side to misread the other's intentions and then....

Our media contribute to this myth of the mad foreign dictator as its a tried and tested stereotype. Saddam Hussein was also deemed "mad" as was Fidel Castro and Muammar Gaddafy. You will notice that they are only deemed mad when they fail to follow Washington's lead. Chile's Augusto Pinochet or Cuba's Fulgencio Batista were never regarded as "crazy" because they did Washington's bidding. See the difference?We are very selective when we diagnose our enemies.

In our popular culture, movies help to foster this view of foreign leaders as mad, bad and dangerous to know. Check out Hollywood films like Olympus has fallen. Entertaining action movie, but there is a racist agenda lurking under the gloss. Sneaky evil Koreans up to no good. They even take over the White House!

So let us get a grip, and not get sucked into war hysteria. It's not going to happen. If my memory serves me, we were in this spot sometime in April, when Trump sent an"aramda" to the region. Do you recall World War Three happening?