I wonder if Hillary Clinton lays awake at night thinking about last year's election. If she does, do you think she is honest enough to look at her own faults?
The former Presidential candidate is currently doing the publicity tour for her latest book called What Happened. Clinton is seeking to explain how she came to lose the race to the White House against Donald Trump. From all the articles I have read, Hillary does not admit that she perhaps was a major reason for the Democrats losing their hold on the White House.

Donald Trump's victory was not inevitable. However, he was able to use the populist tide to his advantage. He did not speak like a normal politician, nor was not bound by politician correctness, such as an Establishment figure like Hillary. In an age when "ordinary people", the deplorables as Hillary called them, wanted to be heard, Trump was their champion. People in rural and rustbelt America felt forgotten by the elite and did not feel the benefits of globalisation. Hillary did not, could not, speak to them. If ever the Democrats chose a poor candidate to represent them, she was it.

We may one day discover how much Russia interferred in the election campaign. The fact is Hillary Clinton was a God send for the Republicans. The State Department-email server issue and her shifting accounts of what she did and why, did not help. It played into the image of a dodgy politician who felt entitled to act above the law, hence the epithet Crooked Hillary. Clinton may blame then FBI Director James Comey for re-opening the investigation just before the election, but people had already made up their minds.

Did sexism play a part in her defeat? Probably. I think Clinton's personality and character was more of a factor than her gender.

Some feminists may see her as an icon. Did she appeal to the single mother on welfare or the working class mother who has three jobs just to get by? Hillary appeals to women who look and sound like her. No one could accuse her of ever having the common touch.When she tried to adopt a populist stance, aping Bernie Sanders, the public saw right through her.How can you be populist when you taking money from Wall Street banks?You are taking their money to keep them sweet.

Most defeated Presidential candidates get over the disappointment. Al Gore is a tireless environmental campaigner, Michael Dukakis went into academia and John McCain returned to the Senate.Hillary's whole life plan was geared to becoming President and she failed. Somehow, I don't think she will ever recover.