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So now the time has come to fight to continue the anti fur war that’s been going on for eons & continues now in the 21st century against the unspeakable violence & indescribable horrors of the fur industry. The evidence of these horrors are chilling & nauseating to the death as the most prominent & pro active NYC animal activist groups Animals’ Battalion founded by Roberto Bonelli & Caring Activists Against Fur founded by Julie O’Connor both ubiquitous on the case fight to bring compassionate logic & compassionate ethics to the mindsets of people who sadistically wear the spilling of innocent blood as a fashion statement. The websites caafgroup & animalsbattalion are the trailblazing animal rights organizations & websites on the case with terminating animal atrocity horrors. Today everyone must take a moral responsibility for their lifestyle & that’s why fur wearers think they don’t have to take any moral responsibility because they are consumed with a vanity that will someday lead them to pain, despair & remorse. The day of reckoning will come to the fur wearers & the inveterate carnivores. They are callously & vilely ignorant & unaware of the way fur is made & the innocent blood of the screaming furry creatures dying for the help & mercy that will never come!

To peer into this lucrative, callous world of horrors you must first look into Animals’ Battalion led by Roberto Bonelli who’s an animal rights NYC crusader & animal rights NYC educator, a modern day Knights Templar animal rights leader & organizer fighting for the rights of suffering animals everywhere & against the injustice of many innocent animals being brutalized everywhere. Alongside Animals’ Battalion & Roberto is Julie O’ Connor, the leader & organizer of Caring Activists Against Fur, who is also out there winning the anti fur battles & one battle that was recently won was when Burlington Coats is no longer selling fur.

On Fur Free Friday at Macy’s Herald Square these two animal rights groups along side with the members of these two groups who are animal rights activists protesting the horrific fur animal injustice got together outside Macy’s in NYC & held a power-charged protest against FUR. (I encourage you to watch the video of our FUR FREE FRIDAY demostration.) I am a member of both of these two dynamic assertive groups for animal rights & animal justice.

These two animal rights leading NYC animal rights organizations come with the bloody evidence that will make your eyes want to shut. The chant that is the most predominantly haunting & emotionally stirring is:

“How did you get your fur today?”
“Gassing, trapping, anal electrocution!!” is the reverberating chant & answer to the question!

Yes the pedestrians are struck dumb as these chants echo throughout but they also get the visual by looking at the horrific posters with the fur animals executed or about to be executed. The fur animals are also skinned alive & this is a fact that is shared with the public by these two dynamic NYC animal rights group. They are skinned alive & with the sheep for wool many cuts are made as the sheep writhe in terrible pain as they are given nothing to ease their pain!The geese also for Canada Goose writhe in pain as they are also skinned alive with their feathers brutally plucked out with no hope for mercy or relief from the terrible pain! One of the other chants is “FUR TRADE DEATH TRADE!” The chant of “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS” is the one that fur traders have no answer for! One fur trader pedestrian couldn’t answer anything when I blurted out to him “Blood on your hands!” as he was justifying the blood bath for profit but he blurted an illiterate answer by a resounding “YEAH” to me which was his dumb illiterate nothing answer! “Blood on your Hands” is very telling because that’s what it is! It’s the innocent blood on the hands of those who murder the fur animals so ruthlessly & so egregiously & callously!

These are the chants for the members of these two animal rights groups who not only chant but also show the chilling gory evidence as they all hold up posters as evidence to the blood bath! The visuals are hauntingly horrible of fur animals all cramped in cages about to be butchered for their fur. Bloody & gory photo posters of dogs & cats on the brink of death depicting strangulating them, bludgeoning them, gassing & the unspeakable anal & vaginal electrocution of these doomed fur animals plus the monstrous trapping, stomping on them & slicing them is shown at these anti fur demos & some pedestrians have covered their eyes while others stare in disbelief but are informed about these abhorrent atrocities by taking the literature & reading it! It’s the audacious indomitable Roberto Bonelli who reveals at his demos the medieval malevolent horrifying torture weapon called the leghold trap, the death instrument where fur animals & dogs & other innocent animals as well get their limbs tails or faces trapped into a hideous agonizing death with no mercy for the indescribable pain the fur animals & others suffer dying a slow, unspeakably painful death from the leg hold trap invented by the most evil degenerate homicidal killer predators in the world. They should try it to see how it feels! That would be justifiable punishment for the leg hold trappers & makers of these abominable traps!

These are the haunting gruesome photos shown & hauntingly horrible impressions both Animals’ Battalion & Caring Activists Against Fur reveal to everyone of man’s evil against all animals living in this on going ferociously violent eternal massacre against the animals! Both of these NY prestigious animal rights organizations are very much the architects of a new mental & mindset epiphany inner explosion of getting fur wearers to quit wearing fur for good! A great victory has occurred with Julie O’Connor’s indefatigable efforts to make fur wearers receive the moment of anti fur revelations in their lives. Burlington Coats in New Jersey has committed to go fur free. This is a phenomenal victory for anti fur activists & the award goes to Caring Activists Against Fur as Julie O Connor is an animal rights leader alongside with Roberto Bonelli from Animals’ Battalion leading the war against fur along with the anti fur protest members of these two animal rights organizations! The other chilling aspect of this animal mass murdering enterprise is the fact that dog & cat fur is being sold mislabeled as fake fur & that Burlington Coat was caught selling fur from dogs!! Where are the lists of current animal abusing businesses that sell dog & cat fur passing it off as fake fur? These businesses should be penalized with punitive action. JC Penny, Zappos The Gap H & H Wet Seal Forever & 21 North Face Nike have been added as the ones that are fur free now thanks to the noble & progressive work & demo successes of Julie O Connor at Caring Activists Against Fur & Roberto Bonelli at Animals’ Battalion. The other triumph in this anti fur war is the 3rd huge anti fur Billboard from Caring Activists Against Fur on October 9 ,2017 Route 3 in East Rutherford East of Rt. 120 facing West. These are eye catching anti fur Billboards that speak to human consciousness. There’s also another Billboard # 857 in Bergenfield New Jersey also speaking volumes about the anti fur message. Being in the know means knowing that the faux fur industry can be treacherous & bogus because it can be raccoon fur & dog & cat fur passing as faux fur & even though the 2007 consumer laws that the NY Governor then enacted requiring faux fur & real fur to be labeled but the laws fall between the cracks with faux fur not being fake fur!

Anti fur & vegan buyer beware! Informed decisions aren’t informed decisions when profit & greed is the supreme objective with these heinous fur peddlers. Federal fur products labeling act (15 US.C 69) specifies that fur products under 150 dollars in value can get away without labeling. Therefore the anti fur or vegan customer would be uninformed as to whether the fur product under 150 dollars is faux fur or real fur which inspires the vegan anti fur buyer to just walk away. In so far as aged models saying I’d rather be naked than wear fur that is not happening any more & the top models in that long ago campaign Campbell & Crawford now older aging models like them are no longer into that & they at the time promoted faux fake fur but it’s Campbell that continued to advertise & model real fur with a leading fur designer unfortunately which doesn’t help the anti fur cause because vanity & meaningless conceit alone is the reason for many model’s fur wearing attention getting mercenary existence which is all they care about!

Regarding any faux fur designers around today currently is Stella McCartney who has been known for having a heart & soul for animal rights & animal justice is the prestigious fake fur designer & unlike some other fake fur designers who purposely design fake fur to make it look real, I hear that Stella McCartney isn’t into that but she’s for a fake fur with tags that say it’s fake fur! Now that’s making a very strong statement that a fake fur designer would never deviate from the anti fur message but be blasting it in your face that her design is fake fur thanks to Stella McCartney! Any anti fur protester wearing something resembling real fur in an anti fur demo & showing a glitzy tawdry loud representation of an ostentatious fake fur design will be taken for a fellow fur wearer & this kind of ostentatious dress code is insensitive & disrespectful to the butchered murdered fur animals who die horrific deaths. These fakers should not be marching in anti fur demos when they dress gaudy loud made to look like real fur!! Lastly but not least is going with the algorithms of changing fur wearer mindsets making them through our anti fur educational outreach demos perish & crush their ugly inhumane odious fur addiction once & for all. Julie O’Connor at Caring Activists Against fur & Roberto Bonelli at Animals’ Battalion are the super creators of victorious agendas for all animals making anti fur history in NYC raising the bar with anti fur everywhere with more anti fur victories to come! We also chant “Compassion is the fashion!” that runs through the veins & DNA of every real anti fur activist & animal rights activist as changing the DNA mindset to anti fur is the compassion going through the algorithms of those who are transformed to compassion for the first time in their lives.