Source: Me. The sun in my backyard...Scope this out!
Just watched an EXCELLENT interview with Queen Rania of Jordan held by Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures".
She hit the nail on the head...which is why President Trump is so relevent.
War torn countries & the evil that has been running them are in the same position that the USA is in...only in worse condition.
They need rebuilt and the USA needs restructuring BACK to the Constitution.
TRUMP has the skills to manage this...
FEW alive do.HE accepts input. Especially from the everyday people worldwide.He knows the love of homelands and its NOT shifting around world populations. Its improving them in place.
Its not to destroy and rebuild so that the rich get richer.
Its grow together ADDING growth where it does good for all.
Its building up places that will CALL to people to WANT to VISIT and ENJOY and to then return again and again.
For the BEAUTY of the Land and its HUMAN KIND.
Many Mideastern countries are also cleaning out their closets ousting the corrupt by jailing the instigators and criminals.
Queen Rania sees where the real needs are and wants to stay focused on such.
"ISIS" is so many things to so many people but I assure you "IT" is NOT GOD, the Statue of Liberty a mother or a threat...IT is a manmade creation that is being defeated by PEOPLE who are WAKING UP
Human KIND
The humanKIND of the WORLD seek peace and finally has a chance if TRUTH is allowed and sought out by the PUBLIC worldwide.
There are far more of us than there are of them.
Censorship is the GREATEST DANGER and must be fought by all.
This is evil vs US...all of us.
Money and land shifting is the game the elite play as THEIR theft and genocide continues.
It has got to stop and people worldwide need to heed the call.
This is not a color or race issue.
Really never has been until the elite learned how profitable it could be... for centuries..for their sick demented inbred bloodlines.
Its ALREADY in evidence...look around.