Source: Me 11/30/17 2:25am Texas Moon magnified & colored
So as the propoganda laden "MEDIA" continues it's lies about the events of the Broward County Florida St.Valentines Day Massacre...Students are reporting that the "Secret Service" was there LAST month training teachers for fire drills.
17 dead...One hollowed eyed adopted adult whose real and adopted parents are dead.
Students say he was 20 or 21 years old...Media says 18 or 19, I say...get his birth certificate, but the younger age would be a better fit for the LIES.
This kid was set up.Yes, he was a part of it but he was used.
Other students KNOW that there was more than one shooter but mainsteam and most cable news is keeping those stories supressed.
There are VIDEO reports online.
Everyday people telling THEIR stories are the only way to get truth it seems.Fox News too,but only certain reporters and they walk a fine line just to stay on air.
New World Order along with our deep state puppets are hard at work along with many of our own media.
The "Russia Russia Russia" interefered in our elections narrative continues even as our elected battle to keep VOTER ID'S from being implemented.
It supposedly "disenfranchises" voters. According to USA "entrusted" elect.
We know the only voters it leaves out would be the illegal ones,but for some reason a majority of "leaders"seem to think the American public is stupid.
Yes the USA is corrupt HOWEVER it is being busted all over!Hopefully it continues and carry's on in OTHER NATIONS too
Praise the Lord for the election of Donald Trump or we would still be in a slow burn with a major BOMB at the end of it all.
Americans are awake and turning back to God through Jesus.
The Las Vegas shooting details are finally being exposed(Gun running with the Saudi's)... which is why the elite needed another bait & switch storyline.
Collateral damage matters not.They've now gone straight into GUN CONTROL hysteria...AGAIN.
Not gonna happen but they are DESPERATE for anything but the REALITY of their CRIMES being exposed.
The pedophelia and human sacrices done by elite is why this is all going on.They'd rather have a world war than have that made public.
Too bad.
Times UP! America's on the RISE!