The question about what happened during the 2016 Presidential election has taken an even weirder turn. It is now alleged that data was harvested from Facebook by a company called Cambridge Analytica to assist the Trump Campaign. At the same time, Robert Mueller's investigation into allegations of Russian collusion continues. Will we ever know the truth?

The United States does not have any moral high ground when it comes to electoral meddling. Whether its in Latin America, Africa or the Caribbean, the examples of Washington causing chaos and carnage can match anything that Russia has done in the Ukraine or Syria.

I remember growing up in Jamaica in the 1970s, when there was a socialist government under Michael Manley. He introduced lots of social programmes such as adult literacy and building more houses for the poor. The problem was he was an admirer of Fidel Castro and he sought to impose a levy on the bauxite being mined by the big multinationals like Alcan and Alcoa. Washington soon zeroed in on Jamaica.

Guess what happened next? Jamaica got the the full CIA Experience. Industrial unrest, unfavourable press coverage, political violence, disinformation and sabotage. Cuban doctors sent by Castro to work in Jamaican hospitals were the subject of lies and rumours. The whole programme was designed to destabilize the Jamaican government. Manley had to go. The CIA employed the same tactics used when they sought to oust Salvador Allende in Chile. By 1980, the traumatised Jamaican people were so fed up with Manley and he was voted out of power. A right wing government was elected, more amenable to Washington.

Read The Devil's Chessboard by David Talbot or The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer and you will get an idea of how ruthless the CIA is.All in the name of democracy! Russia's Vladimir Putin may be a ruthless politician, but American's actions are equally soaked in blood.