Do you get the feeling that Donald Trump thinks that his Presidency is one big reality TV show? I have to ask this as the whole drama about the summit with North Korea feels like an episode of a bad reality show.

A few weeks ago, there was the announcement that the meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung-un would take place in Singapore. People were seriously talking( with straight faces) about Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! We also had the release of the three American hostages by North Korean government. Trump himself met them at the airport when they arrived in the United States. Cue dramatic images and blanket coverage by an obliging media. It was all looking so rosy.

What happened? National Security Advisor John Bolton and Vice President Mike Pence began to make clumsy references to Libya and Colonel Gaddafy. Libya abandoned its nuclear weapons and sought to make friends with the West. That soon backfired during the "Arab Spring" in 2011. Britain and France part in a bombing campaign and Gaddafy was toppled and killed by his own people. The last you want to hear, if you are Kim Jung-un is talk of Libya. The language soon turned nasty. Trump cancelled the summit last week. What was alarming was that two of America's key allies South Korea and Japan were not consulted or informed of the White House's decision.

Oh dear, we have a group of amateurs running foreign policy. An erratic President who thinks diplomacy can be conducted by twitter and NSA John Bolton, who was an advocate for war in Iraq and an opponent of the Iran Nuclear Deal. A new Secretary of State who has no experience in international relations. Should we worry?

Now we hear that a North Korean diplomat is going to Washington. So the summit might still be on. It's all very dramatic with lots of twists and turn. However, it does not give you any faith in American leadership. We are talking about war and peace. It's not an episode of The Apprentice.