The pledge to glory here is the phenomenal living, on-going mural masterpiece of remarkable governance that New York Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright of our super electric unique 76th District represents, lives breathes & gives to her wildly multifaceted & ever changing upper east side Manhattan New York neighborhood, Yorkville & Roosevelt Island as these neighborhoods have many challenging lethal problems that require a dynamic New York Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright to undo the plaguing transgressions & michegaas that is devouring our neighborhood. Assembly Member Rebecca & her coruscating versatile staff are representative of a new age of political renaissance on the upper east side, Yorkville & Roosevelt Island the Seawright territory which is under a new blueprint for astonishing reform & legislation created by Rebecca Seawright as less turbulence & more leverage & progressive citizen power & sanity in government emerges in the vigilante eyes & mindful eyes of Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright.

Her dynamic progressive acting staff consists of an incorruptible destined to glory leadership the upper east side is so enthralled with that no upper east side resident should ever take it for granted! Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright & her super competent staff headed by the very multitasking & gregarious authentic solution driven chief of Staff Audrey Tannen who’s another wonder woman of problem solving like Rebecca Seawright & so adroit at multitasking & getting the solutions as Seawright does in this political era of unprecedented challenges for our neighborhood is a gold mine of hope& extraordinary solutions for these challenging neighborhoods! Audrey Tannen in action trying to help an upper east side Seawright constituent suffering from hoarding & other urgent issues in housing trouble in the neighborhood is a testament to compassion & a depth of understanding about such specialized problems & most of all is a life saving problem solving dynamic assertive that is Audrey Tannen chief of staff at the office of Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright at 1485 First Avenue at 10075.

If politicians can be visionaries & can be prophetic in their views about problems & issues that can rear their ugly heads before they happen then it’s Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright & her tough formidable political architects of problem solvers living the future of New York politics on the upper east side, Yorkville & Roosevelt Island in the present & making the political landscape of the upper east side & those neighborhoods a current & present transformation of dynamic progressive solutions that affects the entire country.

I have to say that Courtney Ferrisey from Rebecca Seawright’s gifted staff is a great community liaison Director extraordinaire with limit less capabilities & that every one at Seawright’s office should be running not only the White House but our entire country because the debacle & chaos of our country now, the alienation from our allies, the obstructions of justice, corruption & the chronic malignant lies wouldn’t exist & drag on & on if Seawright & her magnificent team were running the country! This thought has often crossed my mind! We are an evolving living resident series of neighborhoods & you could define the upper east side & its environs as a mecca of the world because if Rome was the mecca of the world in ancient times then our neighborhood & the surrounding areas with its evolving landscape surely is that! When other elected politicians in our area shy away from issues that are nauseating & taboo it’s Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright who taboos nothing because her brilliant legislation solutions work & are at work! Seawright comes boldly in gripping the problem & doesn’t let go until a solution looms because of her limitless capabilities as our gifted New York Assembly Member! Her history making empowerment of Equal Rights Amendment is one of Seawright’s masterpiece achievements because it’s a New York Constitution Amendment A.7990 which has passed the Assembly & it’s a NOVA star rising for all women never before achieved & it’s Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright being a political avatar of the future & current present time & living the future now in the present concocting all of these righteous winning pleasures & inalienable rights to celebrate as a testament guaranteeing that gender bias & inequality for women is forbidden & forever eradicated. As all rights for women are locked, sealed & delivered with this beautiful ERA amendment launched & sponsored by our super star New York Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright which is a New York Constitution marvel. The Seawright trailblazer hopes that the ERA will be incorporated into the US constitution. As Rebecca says “The timing could not be better” Women have waited 200 years for this equality” as Rebecca says. I love the photo of Seawright & Gloria Steinem naming east 32nd Street & third avenue Ms.Magazine on one of her newsletters. I believe everyone in our upper east side neighborhood & its surrounding areas that Seawright represents should be on her mailing list. I always urge my resident friends in our neighborhood to get on Assembly Member Rebecca Seawrights list for newsletters & up to date news as she’s her own legislative positive power newsmaker.
Seawright’s virtuosity at legislation is a stand out every time! Her twitter tweets are always worthy as well! And lastly but not least is dropping by her district office on the upper east side, Rebecca’s prolific ideas are the nova stars in neighborhood politics that matter to our neighborhood &to every neighborhood in our country. Seawright is first & foremost the innovator with her leadership awards for women & women of distinction awards as Seawright is an original in every sense of the word doing what others don’t have the ability to dream of & making it reality.

Her reform package for government transparency is also another appealing achievement for candidates running for office. Transparency is key & the bill from Seawright A.5740A was passed by Governor Cuomo ensuring complete transparency of candidates running for office revealing their websites & contact information etc. This also is another unprecedented achievement in the right direction. Many times candidates running for office are deliberately inarticulate or non responsive as to who they are & what they stand for but in the world of Rebecca Seawright’s future politics in the here & now it’s to their disadvantage not to disclose everything since voters need to know! This is very effective indeed as everything Seawright achieves! The other democratic beauty from Seawright is A6732 is an Election Law requiring campaign finance information of certain candidates & all info filed on an electronic reporting system. Shady businesses or shady questionable candidates will not be tolerated in the Rebecca Seawright world of future politics that is ongoing here & now.

Seawright cares about everything including the environment & wants to ban pesticides & no other neighborhood elected official dares to mention environmental issues that matter! Pesticides are on a priority list for Assembly Member Seawright for total destruction as she is not an agent for special interest groups. The Seawright environmental score is tops & now with her concerns & action for healthy air quality she stands apart from other elected officials. No one I can think of has such an impeccable environmental A plus score!

At Seawright’s upper east side office there’s an open conference room where local constituents & residents can voice their issues there. We had the pleasure of using that precious conference room for animal rights issues with NYC animal rights leading organizers Roberto Bonelli from The Animals’ Battalion & Donny Moss founder & Director of Their as Seawright cares very much about animal rights. Her success stopping the coyote killings at La Guardia is impressive & caring about the beached whales & the reason for it along with the anti declawing law which is supported by Seawright. Rebecca is on the progressive forefront of everything saving residents & strengthening tenant’s rights to heights we have not seen. Seawright is a pillar for tenant’s rights advancement! It’s on Seawright’s agenda 24/7. When illegal construction & lead & other toxins were at a building at east 69th street it was our golden girl Rebecca who set up a news conference for the neighborhood to shut down the illegal construction & I had the pleasure of being there & speaking briefly with Rebecca’s formidable team of the future being activated now with neighborhood politics of a futuristic progressive kind.

Seawright works expeditiously & with a capability that just comes with a DNA that demands indefatigable excellence & gets the work done! I wouldn’t be surprised if Courtney or Audrey will be running for office at all because when you have the Seawright unique high level training for the new urban futuristic models you will be a game changer avatar like Seawright is! Another issue that’s current is over development in our neighborhood as Rebecca has the pair of New York Hawk eyes seeing what’s happening. Whenever anyone is harassed by landlords or anyone is confiscating resident rights it’s Rebecca Seawright who must have your proof & information on what’s happening & who must be the one to share it with. She & her invincible staff will do what has to be done!
She’s marvelous at training her professional staff the best in our neighborhood on what to do with the most irking problems coming out of left field & gobsmacking you! For LGBT & our LGBT friends Seawright is on top of the matter from A to Z. In every category before it’s a trend or fashionable, Seawright triumphs like a wizard from an AK Rowling book. Seawright is the elected official of rare distinction indeed. When I see fearless girl & the bull I do not see the bull as the bull should be liberated from man’s brutality against animals but for me fearless girl must be fighting all of the backwater primitive thinking regressive male predators out there both male & female predators who want to regress our society & not progress it. I would have put a predatory man in front of fearless girl who is also the fearless lady exemplary politician of modernity that Assembly Member Seawright is with her formidable female staff all ablaze with winning streaks all across the board!

Our neighborhood like so many other neighborhoods has been infiltrated by landlord harassers, swindlers, scammers fraudsters grifters & confidence men & women so there must be training for fearless girl/fearless women to be masterfully trained in knowing how to spot these threats & conquer them with success! It’s appropriate & so logical that fearless Seawright is the chair of the Subcommittee on Consumer Fraud Protection. Consumer fraud protection must be a wake up call to many who have been victims in our community as Seawright is right there to make justice happen! This brave new world is for the fearless but a knowledgeable citizenry of all demographic groups that can tackle these challenges & they must be well infromed. It’s also phenomenal that Seawright got 4.5 million dollars for funding her district’s public schools as her roster of accomplishments just soars to limitless heights.

Many urban issues are coming up in our futuristic neighborhood & its environs here because I have been an eyewitness to the phenomenal wizardry of the Seawright political wizardry for example many people have problems never faced before as the many faces of mental illness in neighborhoods mutate into mutations never dreamed of as in HOARDING. I witnessed Audrey Tanning slick yet compassionate style go into action as Rebecca’s chief of staff Audrey Tannen & housing expert at Seawright’s office tried to help a neighborhood hoarder save her rent regulated apartment & the constituent Ingrid ( fictitious name). It was right out of a movie or play as Ms.Tannen’s dialogue to the hoarder had everything to do with saving the hoarder & her rent regulated apartment.

I was very struck by it because Ms.Tannen really put in all she had to save a looming inevitable disastrous situation reeling out of control. It was poignant & compelling. It went something like this with Ingrid & Ms. Tannen: “Do you know why they are knocking at your door?” said Ms.Tannen to Ingrid. ”’ The reason is because of the condition of your apartment. Your apartment needs cleaning. They are knocking at your door & you won’t let them in” said Ms.Tannen. “Will you let me in?’’ for example to which Ingrid the hoarder was silent &oblivious to the prophetic effective words of Ms.Tannen as my body language to Ms.Tannen indicated that I completely knew that this was an act of respect & loving concern for the neighborhood hoarder.

It was amazing to me that Ms.Tannen also knew that the constituent was a hoarder just by her impression of her. Ingrid had responded to her in a very mentally remote apathetic non caring manner but I felt that the hoarder knew inside that what Ms.Tannen was saying was a precious truth meant to save her & her apartment! “You have to clean up your apartment” said Ms.Tannen to Ingrid the hoarder. Ms.Tannen had looked up her case on the internet & had found it.” It’s the condition of your apartment Ingrid & you should find help” Tannen said & at the same time trying to find the answers which the hoarder needed so badly! Ingrid remained silent without saying a word as she was in shock that it was Ms. Tannen who understood her situation too well. The hoarder insisted that running away to her home state was her desire as she had come here from out west many years ago but convinced that this was the answer but Tannen’s quick problem solving mind knocked sense into her head telling her that was not the answer & that without money or a permanent place for her to stay that answer was out of the question & not a viable one!
Then the issue of going to a relative came up but Tannen is a fact thinking no nonsense straight shooting professional like Rebecca & all of her staff. Tannen again stating the facts of life to the hoarder “But you know Ingrid, family members are busy with their lives & you’d be lucky to get one relative to have you stay one night over” This was so true of Ingrid’s family members who didn’t offer their homes to her at all. Ms.Tannen weaving her sagacity so masterfully & again so compassionately with the facts of life upfront & center. The vibration was one of delusional nuance from Ingrid who kept objecting to the common brilliant sense Ms.Tannen was articulating to her! Hoarders are their own worst enemy many times.

If truth medicine could heal then instant reason healing & clarity would be the panacea instantly for everyone in Ingrid’s position then but Ms.Tannen hit the right words at the right time & Tannen’s words & thoughts to the hoarder were glowing pieces of cures for saving the hoarder from herself! As hoarding evolves on the upper east side with many hoarders losing their apartments Ingrid had been lucky & Ms.Tannen’s astute insight & foresight had been a prophesy for the hoarder who was received by men in Hazmat suits coming into her apartment throwing everything out & exterminating her apartment to kingdom come but in the end everything that Ms.Tannen said to her came to pass.

The hoarder was sent to a hospital for a time as she went hysterical when the men with hazmat suits took over her toxic apartment. Tannen’s handling of the situation with Ingrid was epic, compassionate & haunting. Ingrid survived in her rent regulated apartment losing all the things that she had treasured but her apartment was habitable all cleaned up by many city services who made her toxic apartment into a NY dream apartment on the upper east side but the trouble with hoarding is that it’s a disease that comes back & is very hard to cure. Ingrid will get the help she needs to prevent this debacle from happening again although her treasures are gone which she often refers to. Ms.Tannen is there to resolve solutions for hoarders or anyone with a housing problem who needs the problem solving magnificence of Audrey Tannen!

For Ingrid, eviction was not a certainty as being diagnosed with a certain condition prevented her eviction even if you are a hoarder. But the fact remains that many hoarders in our upper east side neighborhood & beyond have lost their apartments all too easily due to compulsive obsessive hoarding! Ms.Tannen a genuine expert on housing can spot hoarders & if they listen to her cures & solutions, the tragedy of hoarding & losing precious upper east side apartments can be avoided. It’s not surprising that Seawright the architect of so much visionary innovative progress will be giving a hoarding workshop at Trinity Church as many are struggling with it every day. Her website is

If there is such a thing as vegan organic democracy this is where it’s at the office of Rebecca Seawright at 1485 York Avenue NYC because the Seawright pledge to political service to our community& country is unpolluted, non toxic & incorruptible here at Seawright’s pledge to glory office & neighborhood as New York’s superlative Assembly Member is a pledge to virtuosic democratic excellence ! Pledge to glory is Rebecca’s impeccable futuristic leadership in the here & now as glory to Seawright’s wise political strategy & ethics & her glorious staff is the theme of a metropolis no visionary could ever have imagined as visionary writers who write about the future coming true when science fiction becomes reality as it has done so much, here we have a visionary politician Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright & her titanic staff proliferating a futuristic potent & benign political voyage of great substance going forward in the future of the here & now.