I have become used to the sad news of another stabbing in London. Almost every week, you hear the tragic tale of another victim. It seems as if the Police are powerless, as the criminals do not fear them or punishment. What has gone wrong?

For starters, the Police are hardly seem on patrol, it is very rare that you see coppers walking the beat. Too many Police stations have been closed.

In my local area, both the stations in Harlesden and Willesden have been closed. These are poor areas in London, with high unemployment. What is the likelihood that crime will flourish? The coalition government of
2010-2015, took the view that public services had to be cut in order to reduce the deficit. The poor will always suffer the most once public services spending is slashed. The riots in 2011 proved that. Mainly the less affluent parts of London were affected.

Who was Home Secretary when David Cameron and George Osborne introduced austerity? None other than our current Prime Minister Theresa May. She made a point of attacking the Police, accusing them of moaning. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Gang violence, teenagers murdered, and a knife crime epidemic. There is another problem, that is just as serious as crime itself. The belief that the Police do not take crime seriously unless its murder or serious assault. If I am robbed in the street, what's the point of reporting it? How much effort will be devoted to detecting or even apprehending the criminals? Almost none.

If we had a half decent opposition, then this government would be on the rack. Both parties are so consumed with Brexit and their own internal squabbles that crime is not high up on the agenda. I can see the day coming when we will have more private police forces paid for by the wealthy, and the rest of us will have to endure a hugh depleted and demoralised police force. Too gloomy a forecast? Watch this space.