It was announced today that George HW Bush has passed away. What a career he had oil man, Congressman, UN Ambassador, CIA Director,Vice President and then President. A very impressive CV by anyone's standards. A Yankee who re-invented himself as a Southerner.

There are some questions about George Bush that have not been answered, some of these questions date back to the Cold War. It is very murky stuff.

During the Iran Hostage Crisis, did the Reagan-Bush team make a deal with the Iranians to keep the Americans in captivity until after the 1980 elections? Effectively this ensured that then President Jimmy Carter had zero chance of being re-elected. The Republicans feared that Carter would spring an October Surprise. Bush claimed not have met with Iranians to seal the deal.

Remember the Iran-Contra Scandal? Vice President Bush as he then was, claimed not to know that monies from illegal arm sales to Iran were used to fund the CIA backed covert war in Nicaragua. The Contras had lost their funding, so the money came in handy. Oh, let's not overlook the allegations that drug money(cocaine) helped fund the war. One of the actors in this drama was General Manuel Noriega of Panama. He was a CIA asset in those days, helping to fight Communism. Guess who was CIA Director when Noriega was on the payroll?

This is an even more bizarre one. What was the connection bewteen George Bush and George de Mohrenschildt?de Mohrenschildt was a Russian emigre, he was a businessman in Dallas. He actually helped a young man named Lee Harvey Oswald to get work when he returned to the United States after his"defection." Some say that the businessman was actually working for the intelligence community. Either way, he knew George Bush. They moved in the same oil circles. Was George Bush also working for the CIA in the early 1960s? Do any of these relationships connect to John F Kennedy's assassination in 1963?

George Bush Snr moved in the three worlds: politics, business and intelligence. What secrets did he take with him to the after life?