Robert Mueller has finally released his report and has found no evidence of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016. This does not mean that it did not happen, it is just that Mueller had no hard evidence.

What does astonish me is that there is plain collusion in American politics between a foreign power and members of Congress. That foreign power is Israel. No other nation has such control and influence over American politics than Israel. Almost every US President has given Israel its unconditional support, including Barack Obama, despite his obvious dislike of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel was able to use dispropotionate force on Gaza in 2014 when it was attacked by rockets. Over 2000 Palestinians were killed, compared to over 70 Israelis. The United States gave Its ally its full support. " Israel has the right to defend itself..." The usual State Department spiel expressing the backing from the White House.

It's not just the politicians, the media is so biased in favour of Israel, that balance does not exist in the coverage/discussion/analysis. There is no discussion of the Palestinian side or even expression of sympathy. No politician from either party will publicly condemn Israel's actions. To do so is to invite attacks from your own party and the media. It is almost certain that you will be labelled an anti Semite.

When Barack Obama sought to curb Iran's nuclear programme by negotiating an agreement in exchange for sanction relief, Netanyahu came to the US and addressed Congress. Think about that. The leader of another country addressed Congress attacking Administration foreign policy! Members of Congress even applauded!! How is that not collusion?

In June 1967, Israeli warplanes attacked an American spy ship USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship was clearly marked, it was flying an American flag. This was not a mistake, it was a deliberate act to destroy the ship. The incident was hushed up, and the crew were forbidden from talking. No other country could have gotten away with that.

The current Administration has moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem over the objections of the Palestinian Authority. Donald Trump is even more Pro-Israel that Obama. He will do all he can to ensure Netanyahu's re-election. No surprise there. American foreign towards Israel has been one long series of events that scream collusion. The tail has total command of the dog.