The first day i met you.. we never talked but i did notice you.
It was the first day of a new year of high school (2nd grade) i was on that new class where i knew litteraly just 2 people, i've never being that anxious all my life but it was okay.. people were mostly nice so at the end i didn't really care.
I started making friends and well enemies hehe you know hypocrites everywhere, with time i noticed that boy.. Simon, but i didn't think about it that much cause before the biggining of that year i promised myself to not get involved on any stories with boys or whatever, i needed to focus on my studies that's all.
Time passed and i don't know how it came and i told my friend Marry (the closest to me on my class i always sit with here) that i kinda appreciate Simon and well she made a whole story of it and 'till now i've never talked to him.
As Marry never stopped talking about him and stuff.. something moved on my heart you know..
That thursday.. i told my friends Selena and Hailey about Simon then I told Niall (my bff, he moved out from town but we still talking)
And suprise! Niall knew him so he sent me his IG so i followed him and yeah he followed me back (btw he's the kind of person that follows back only the people that he knows.. which means he noticed me hehe that's a good thing right?)
Next day of school i tried talking to him but it was only about studying and then i started talking to him on IG which weren't going very well at first.
I've always felt like i was forcing him to talk to me.
Let me describe it a lil' bit to you. He's the kind of boys that isn't really surounded by girls and got his lil' pack of friends lol. He seems like a good guy, shy, kind but kinda arrogant.
It was 'till the new year that he started talking to me as friends and it was really good having him that way but also hurtfull..
I started feeling something weird oh right i satarted falling in love with him which was not a good thing so i tried pushing him away but he came back everytime.
So i couldn't do anything but suffer in silence.
He was always supportive and funny on IG but in reallity he's really different even if i spotted him looking at me a lot of time. I have this friend Salem and we are really close he actually wanted to go out with me but i said no, still we stayed friends.. but everyone thought we are in love or dating or whatever.
My friend cassandra told me that everytime i talk with salem.. Simon follows us with his eyes like in a weird jealous way.
And that was happening everytime i talk or laugh with another boy.. I didn't want to get my hopes up so i tried to not think about it.
April 2019
From that period we started talking daily and it was that day when I've almost died because I took a lot of medecines but i lived thank god.. He told me for the first time how much he do care about me and he didn't want me to die or something and when i went to school he was really happy to see me I mean you can see his happiness throught his eyes.
A while after that.. I tried doing an april fool so i tried to make him angry and i told him somethings like you are so arrogant and you are bipolar nannana.. he took it seriously and told me a lot of awefull stuff which broke my heart but he did apoligize.. and I forgave him..
We're still friends closer than before, we talk everyday but i'm still in love with him you know i've never loved someone especially that long.. it hurts me that we are just friends but what choice do i have..
I really appreciate his freindship but i always dream of him as mine as my boyfriend as my future and honestly sometimes i feel like it's reciprocal but who knows..
That was my story briefly lol i really needed to talk about it.