NAYPIC Certainly didn't see this one come
NAYPICS victims statements are being used against them
Without even showing the proof to the victim
Of what was supposed to be on the statement
And not saying which statement they talking about
And giving no proof that it may even have been on a statement
By them and no signatures of Mary Moss or Chris Fay was never shown
To the victims and certainly the victims signed statements to
If there is no victims signature on a statement,
Then Surely how can it be used against them in law
Well fernbridge do not seem to have a problem in fact,
Even though there couldn't use it at all for a convention.
They are Certainly using them as to discredit the victim’s
Wherever they can do so

And In my own case,
I could not figure out what she was talking about.
Never mind in which statement she was on about
So could not answer the question asked
Because of confusion
And when I would ask her.
She would say the same thing More Times
Bought she deliberately wood not point out what thing she referred to
And not pointing out what she was on about.

Here are examples of what I mean,
The lady police officer, On the 25th, You were watching TV
At Mary mosses House And saw on TV A famous Lady MP, Why did you not tell Nathan in your interviews and statements to the police about this incident,
Now this is 25 Years ago now do you remember 25 years ago and do you remember what was on TV at the time but this is a real question that was asked?
And could not ever be answered properly In Fact if you answered it changed, So there could
Never be an answer.

Another example of what I mean is,
Whilst at
NAYPIC Chris Fay put in your head names of MPs, Mary Moss made you read them and get them into your head whilst staying at her house.
We got this on a cassette tape recording that had accidentally been left on
Which was in a box bought from Mary mosses,
House what do you say about These things,
My answer was,
I could not answer
I didn't know what she was on about
It through me completely into confusion and panic,
Then the question was asked again,
I had to say something
And what I don't know,
My answer on the spot was,
I can't remember a thing about that,

It was answered instant by a question
From the
Police woman.
Why did you not tell nation in the police interview about that incident?
I'm still confused more than ever now getting myself into. A panic,
My answer was,
Because I couldn't remember about it,

And then the shocker? Came
The question was,
Who were you in a bisexual relationship with well at NAYPIC?
Will it could not have been Mary Moss could it?
And it couldn't have been that cute Chris Fay could it,
He was the cheekiest one,
So who the hell who Is it,
, Gill Priestly, Well, she added A reputation in the 60s with Maxwell,
And her son Ben would of belt me one In the face If I had done,
So who, I wonder,
Answer will be at the bottom?

And now he is an other question that Will PUT a big smile on your big face,
As it put a big smile on my face Remember these are actual questions I was asked
And not made up by me,
The Policewoman asks,
Whilst at Stringfellows at a party where in the bar with MPs
There was a Stick with a string on and tied to a banana.
Why did you not tell the police about that?
My answer was,
At what party they are quite a few there,
I can help a little more on this said, the police woman,
Welts at Stringfellows
You were drunk on champagne well being high on cocaine
And then stripped your pants off
And deliberately put yourself on show to entice. The MPs
Who then with a Stick that was attached to some string
And a large banana was attached to a string
You sign out, round, come and get me
Whilst the banana was inserted in your behind
And egged the MPs to joining in well's throwing money to the floor
And the MP that pulled the banana out got to take you home.
Why did you not tell nation about this?
My personal thoughts on this.
I would've never remembered this,
But it sounds like I was having a good time.
Thank you Mr MP
For confession to doing this to me
And I forgive you
Please God tell me you're not the MP
That got the banana out whilst egg was still on Your face
, Andrew Duck
Too late just Got smacked in my mouth
MPs names cannot be mentioned for legal reasons

But honestly I was only about 14 of the time. This took place
But thanks to the police and they’re amazing software
We can age our victims of sexual abuse
To make them look older than our MPs themselves are

By a age A Mantic
I Andrew ash was only
14 and At I flick of a button. I am now 21
Warning having sex will not get you prosecuted
This product only works with MPs and the Royals
By Her majesties the Queens approval

Sold by MPs for MPs in brothels through Holland and In the UK

Special offer you will receive a free get out of jail Card with this product

This product is not for sale to the general public And Not in shop

NAYPICS victim’s statements are being used against them
This is a true statement of what is actually happening right now By Andrew ash
And I am a true victim of sexual abuse.
This is what has been happening to my life at this moment in time
And in a sense of trying to make sense of the police covering up this at this time
I am trying to show just how much of a joke the police are making them selves Look
Through their lies and deceit in a attempt to cover up the truth on sexual abuse
In the UK

By the way the person that I had a bisexual affair with
must be in the imagination of the police working overtime and watching too many porn films out of boredom. Instead of watching and spying on us on the net and monitoring our telephone calls
Victims from care after all are a threat to society

_ By Andrew ash
A victim of sexual abuse