You make me feel like shit
so well done you
for opening your mouth; just to loudly, just to verbally
comment on the fact that my mouth
is not as verbal as yours.

You make me feel shit
by spitting out the word “quiet”,
like it’s a flawed trait,
a need to be cured trait,
oh what a tragic thing to be graced with.

So what, I rather sit and listen?
So what if I am more reserved?
Why paint my quietness like a disease I should rid,
when all it is, is a part of me;
a part of me,
that makes me, me.

Sorry my struggles cannot be seen by you
sorry I struggle in a social nature
forgive me why I change myself
into someone you can relate to.

You take who I am
the essence of me,
and turn it into a bad thing
Well it’s my thing.
I won’t be told who I am is wrong,
because I don’t want to feel wrong anymore.

If you don’t like it, if you don’t like me
perhaps you should take a leaf
out of my book;
learn how to keep
your mouth shut.