Jo. I said that as a greeting instead of Yo.
Why? That's right Y who? I prefer the letter J
That's what people call me sometimes anyway.
Jo. This is my short story
Its not gonna be boring
But it may make you uncomfortable
If you find this series of events relatable
I'm not a sailor. A little stereotypical because I can't swim.
However I got in a ship and called it relations
Didn't ask for the car facts for the ship
But it was too late ah shit
I'm in a one sided relationship.
Didn't know how to sail
But I didnt wanna bail
See I was already in motion
Crusing on a never ending ocean
Wanting to be more than friends
But could not ever get a promotion.
So what did I do?
All the things I shouldn't do.
See I'm not a sailor but I can swear like one
Because of that I couldn't get anything done.
But not once have I ever blamed it on my own differences from others.
My hair is not nappy, its just curly and free
Cause I feel like that's what HELP to define me
Like my hair I'm not straight
Not in the terms of being a homosexual
But in the terms of begin a intellectual
My mind don't think singular straight lines
It thinks of multiple possible vines
That can go up and down side to side
Trying to find things like what happens after we die.
I can't be a realistic
Cause I make dreams that go balistic
Cause I don't believe its tragic to believe in magic
See Disney gaves us a gift
By showing how happy life can get
Yet when you ask for some peoples dreams they plead the Fifth.
That there is the tragedy. People too afraid to live there dreams and stay true to them
But back to the ship
I be honest I ain't shit
I have more cracks than faults
Mainly cause I'm young and still learning
In a world where people won't do the teaching
When it comes to what's right and wrong when falling in love
Can anyone teach about love ?
I lack giving affection but I love hugs
I lack in telling what I really feel but I love answering questions about myself
When people ask me those question and won't shut up about them self.
WAIT I'm still talking
Don't interrupt
I don't wanna be a dick but please shut the fuck up
Because its really rude
When I'm trying to talk to you
After I already gave you
Your turn but don't even let me finish mines
You just, while its still mine turn
Completely change topic
Turns around conversate with someone else
Check your phone in your pocket
And expect me to give you the thing that you don't care to give me
uninvited attention.
Jo, my story doesn't end here
I don't want it to end here. Saw my younger self and realize
... I'm suppose to be his dream. I am a dream. A dream worth living.
And not some boring reality