Source: Me Taken in my back yard
With chemclouds heavier everyday
The search for the sun & moon is play
I'll take a pic of the cloudy sky
Examine first carefully with focused eye

Snap a pic & then dig in
magnification & coloring then begin
WELL to my delight & great surprise
The clouds eventually came to a slow demise

Thats when I really started to see
what was being hidden from you & me
Much religious symbolism came to light
Its quite enlightening & a great delight

The picture you see on this piece
is the Supermoon from New Years Eve
I even have a picture of the inside otherside
Talk about a trip on a magic carpet ride!

The Sun is a whole other trip
I quit even trying to explain it
so I just started posting the pics I take
You decide for yourself real or fake

All Glory to God