I orginally started writing here because I just wanted to vent. Didnt really have anyone to really talk to. Here I loved when someone commented on my writing mainly because I just wanted a friend (still looking for one techincally).
Couldnt give a fuck about the views (even though I got way more than I thought for some of them) I just wanted someone to just listen and just talk for a lil while. Deadass I always got excited when I saw someone commented. It could be just a one word comment and Ill be happy to read it. Thats just how I am honestly. Eheh
It's been a while like damn I've been through some shit.
Quit my job, hired at applebees, shit at applebees, been a sugar daddy, lowkey became a "player", quit my job at applebees, rehired at other job I quit before applebees, fucking people I shouldnt be fucking
Like.....eheh...... I've been doing a lot.
Its crazy really. Its my life. Im enjoying it for the most parts. Thought I found opening for a new relationship with someone I actually fucking like (like really like and thats saying something) but she not ready for that. But thats another story (or writing) for another day.
In other news I started a page on Faceboook called
"Tales of Insane Words"
Like it. Follow it. Share it. The Link to the page is at the bottom
I wont really be here anymore. Maybe once or twice a year I think (he is deadass though). I want my focus on my page and building up my imgine as who I dream myself to be.