We all have secrets, some of ours might be huge or almost harmless but yet they are unspoken and not shared.

I remember being about six or seven and doing what I considered to be a despicable thing. My will had been manipulated by some older friends. It was a feeling that would broadcast itself through my body like shock waves over the years each time I sensed that I was being manipulated. Not always in my younger days, was I able to recognize it quickly and step away from it.

Picture it, a group of snow-suited youngsters with nothing else to do. It was a cold wintery day and we had placed a board (the kind that old women could slip on) under the snow on a sidewalk. We watched giggling as a woman trudged her way down the street, then hid behind the corner of our apartment block to enjoy the fall.

All these years later I recall feeling uneasy, this was wrong, I knew it but did not have the voice to stop it. The board was a canary yellow, each time I think of it I feel awful.

That was just one of my secrets. I've never willed an unkindness since then. Although I know that over the years between, I more than likely hurt someone else without being aware. That awful feeling has guided my choices.

I don't remember if that woman fell, or crossed the street or what my gang of hooligans did after that incident. But that day was one of my secrets.

What I heard recently on CBS Sunday Morning is that there are many of us who hold on to our secrets. Frank Warren has been privy to a countless number of secrets sent to him by strangers on PostSecret. Secrets sent on anonymous postcards, by people who were looking for a safe corner to lay down the secret, that we all carry. As if the mere act of sharing relieved them of their burden and repaired their heart.

On the PostSecret site, you will see the heart-breaking and the comical, the wise and the mean-spirited, you might see you. Or me.

How could it be that in this day of excessive sharing on every type of media, that some secrets have been closeted? Could it be that somewhere inside we know that although there is always an audience for a child's finger painting masterpiece or glamming it up in a new outfit that there are only a select few who can be trusted with the most important pieces of our story?

Each day in all the acts we do, we are choosing who we want to become. And as many of us know, our secrets have the power to make us better or to break us.

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If there is a secret in your life that has the potential to destroy you, please turn to a loved one or your local mental health professional.

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