We all know that we can't reach back. Even if those moments have been captured in a favourite image that hangs on our wall, the attachment we have is based on our emotion of that event. A daughter's dance recital, a son's new job, the feelings that are wrapped around that memory.

I can't go back to yesterday
because I was a different person then.
from Alice in Wonderland

We may sigh with the satisfaction of knowing how it felt but the warmth of the sun, the quiet hum of the distant lawnmower, the joy (or fear) on your child's face as they made their way into a new chapter of their lives, well, they're gone. They are quickly replaced by new events, new treasured moments, new books, new movies, a new something else.

Yesterday no matter how much it swelled or broke our heart lies behind us. (Tweet This) It might have built us into something better or left us stranded on an island of isolation. What we do with yesterday is up to us.

It was our teacher and if we were listening it gave us a chance.

to forgive
to reach out
to question
to love
to appreciate
to learn
to throw away anger
to pay attention
to repeat or not to repeat

Because today's yesterday has served its purpose if it was done well. (Tweet This)

Now leave a comment and tell me, which lesson do you wish you'd have learned a long ago yesterday?

Keep looking. When you find it, make it better. ©